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  • WTB frequency i19 cx tubeless
  • submarined

    Has anyone built up a wheel with these? How are they holding up?
    Anyone running them tubeless, and if so, at what pressure?
    WTB don’t seem to state a limit, and there’s a review on CRC stating that someone contacted WTB and said there was no limit, but that sounds a bit suss.

    They seem like a perfect choice to build a relatively light, mostly road but occasional canal path tubeless wheel, unless I’m missing something.

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    I run the i19 on an XC hardtail and a CX bike which has CX race tyres and road tyres swapped out.

    With tubes, I’ve had the road tyres to 120psi with no issues.

    Tubeless, CX tyres have been up to about 80psi with no problems.

    Tubeless, MTB 29×2.25 tyres I’ve run at 45-50 psi no problems.

    They are really nice rims, especially at the prices you can get them for.

    I’ve also run them quite low with CX and MTB tyres to the point of feeling the rim in CX races – with no dings at all.

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    Not used i19’s or setup XC on them, but having built and used bigger WTB Frequency rims on mtbs and used old Flows as CX rims I wouldn’t expect a problem.

    Only thing you might want to watch is the bead- the WTB TCS series rims have a square bead as in UST. It works brilliantly with their own tyres that also support the standard but can make life awkward with other tyres. If you’re heading for fairly high pressures with non-WTB tyres I’d use plenty of soap to mount and definitely leave them settling after inflated to pressure for a couple of days somewhere that a blow-off wouldn’t be a problem just for peace of mind before riding.


    I am just setting up those rims with some Hutchinson Fusion Tubeless 28mm road tyres, don’t anticipate any issues.


    Top stuff, cheers people 🙂
    Unfortunately my plan has gone a bit awry as I can only find them in 28h and I need 32.
    I’ve got a set of 28h Novatec hubs, but I’ve also got a set of 32h RS4s I’d prefer to use.

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