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  • Wrong front mech for Cove Hustler?

    If the mech’s the same as the one in the link then you should be fine. I’m running the same style although XTR 😉 and it works perfectly.

    The cable does run at an angle from the mech stop on the seat tube to the pinch bolt on the front mech, but it should do, and it shouldn’t have any real slack in it when in the granny ring. I’ll post a pic of mine in a mo.



    Will be great to see a picture of the cable connection to the derailleur.

    I’ve taken a look at this: http://bike.shimano.com/media/techdocs/content/cycle/SI/SLX/SI_6PZFA_002/SI-6PZFA-002-En_v1_m56577569830647029.pdf

    It shows the cable exiting outwards from the pinch bolt.
    Mine exits inwards.
    This might be enough to change the ratio of angle of shaft per pull distance on the cable.


    Here’s my theory, and I’m about to go and try it.
    Compare photo of actual with instruction diagram.

    Derailleur_Close_Up_2 by tomstickland, on Flickr

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    Fixed it yet?


    I’m very confused.
    Front mech for a Cove Hustler.

    What front mech is reccomended for the Cove Hustler, I’ve fitted a XT top pull top swing mech and on the smallest front and rear sprokets the chain catches on the bottom of the mech frame?

    Silverfish Replies:
    Hi there

    The Cove Hustler, STD and Hooker all require a conventional swing, 34.9, top pull front mech.


    So I bought one of these:
    Convential, 34.9mm, top and bottom pull compatible, 9 speed, triple ring.

    When I came to fit it I found that the cable took a very sharp angle as it exited the last cleat on the downtube.
    Even more of a problem was that one click of the handlebar shifter moved the derailleur a distance that’s more than one chain ring.
    So if the middle ring is set correctly then the mech goes too far on the large ring, and there’s loads of slack on the small ring.

    In the end there were three of us looking at this including a bike mechanic and we decided that it had to be the wrong deraullier for the bike.

    The shifters are 1 year old SLX.

    Any ideas what I should be using and why this didn’t work?


    Here’s how it should be routed 😀


    Fixed it! Basically, following the instructions made it work.

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