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  • wow – inspiring video, hopefully Boris has seen it
  • [video][/video]

    The cycling specific stuff is towards the end, but it’s all worth a watch

    Ok inspiring video – but my phone cannot imbed the thing! If someone can fix it please feel free to do so!

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    Thank you 🙂

    I wasshoping this would get a few comments – I thiught what they have acheived in new York for cyclist and everyone else was quite amazing

    So I am shamelessly bumping this thread 😀

    Great talk, and great to see the some of the arguments for space reallocation – people like Eric Pickles need to realise that the key to increasing sales for high street retailers is to actually get more people walking/cycling past, not driving. Simple

    Can I still dress like a bike ninja tho?

    Fantastic that is… move over cars, we’re on bikes.

    Yes I think she said they now all sorts of cyclists little old lady bicycle ninjas down right down to children bicycle ninjas 🙂

    After all the awful accidents and bad press this video genuinely filled me with hope – I am glad it is being watched


    That was brilliant.
    I would be very interested in hearing how they managed any objections from motoring/haulage lobbies to achieve this result.
    They do have wider roads but I guess they were filled with more cars.
    Thanks for sharing it, I have sent it all over the place.

    Brilliant – feel it really should be seen far and wide, london could do with that kind of input

    As she said the temporary materials helped get people on board – and changes can be made much faster.


    That was great, not all how I imagined New York.

    With all the deaths and now the met police wasting their time hanging about telling people about helmets, can’t we just petition Boris to get her over and sort London out?

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    Plenty of inspiration here too if you want to see what a city can look like when car reduction, cycling and livable streets are taken seriously:



    Blimey Graham that’s impressive.
    Would love to see that in Sheff but the hills would deter people.
    That is unless the buses had bike racks on them like they do in the Alps, the Trams also had bike racks and the train guards were not such arses about bikes on trains.
    Overcome those obstacles and it would be great.

    Oh aye, and fill in all the massive holes in the city’s roads.

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    Integrated transport? Can’t see that catching on.


    In London? You will be robbed. 😆

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    Only just got around to watching this, brilliant, has anyone in UK Highways Agency seen this?

    “Re-imagine your streets”

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    Both films are excellent, but we now need someone to be brave and implement these ideas in the UK.
    I live in York and it is ideal, but just reading the local paper is quite depressing due to the ongoing bike user/motor vehicle user war.
    People will need to be actively discouraged from using their cars and encouraged to use bikes which won’t be popular.
    Most politicians will shy away from this as it is causing too much disruption to their voters.
    I’d love to know the answer.

Viewing 18 posts - 1 through 18 (of 18 total)

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