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  • Would you take any job…
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    Whilst I’m pretty far from being a left wing socialist myself, I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to be more right wing than yourself! Though I suspect you’re just being rather tongue in cheek.

    There’s a big difference between being right wing and having pride and self respect. I personally couldn’t take a handout even if I was entitled to. So yes, I’d do whatever job I had to to make a crust. That was the question the OP asked, and that’s my answer.

    As for offending people with my choice of words, if people are offended they need to MTFU and stop being so precious. There’s a world of difference between the scrounging classes to whom I was referring and someone who’s been made redundant and uses the welfare system for the purpose it was intended – to help people get back on their feet.

    People who think that jobs are beneath them are the biggest single problem this country has. Everyone seems to think they deserve to walk straight into a £60k-a-year job, be a professional footballer, or a celebrity without having the requisite talent, knowledge or basic aptitude.

    Life is cruel, and if you’re not gifted with a razor-sharp mind or midas-like business acumen, then you should do a job commensurate with your skill level. If that means you earn less than a barrister or have to do work that you consider menial, then that’s tough. And I have no qualms whatsoever about offending people like that. I have far more respect for those who get off their arses and do a job of work in return for a pay packet.

    I’m self employed – I own a graphic design company and I develop rental properties. I’m happy to do anything in my line of work from rodding drains and making brews, to accounting and representing myself in legal matters.
    I spent the Christmas period plastering walls and this weekend I’m digging out and rerouting sewers.

    Nothing is beneath me and I’m proud to say that I’d do any job rather than accept a handout.


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    I have… A few years ago I had my contract terminated (no more work to do) and looked for new work in IT, but the market was still recovering from 9/11. So I ended up taking a job in London which meant close on 2 hours travel each day, and was so mind numbingly dull I thought I would go out my mind, but stuck with it while hunting for another job. Used to have to phone up places like Tesco’s and speak to the people at the tobacco counters and ask them to reboot those advertising screens.

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    Had this conversation with MrsSwadey last night – things may get dodgy work wise later in the year (having one of those “safe” public sector easy jobs!)

    In the past I’ve done dull call centre drone stuff and worked in a sorting office rather than claim the dole, and I’d try low paid stuff while looking for a job again. If it didn’t work out, we’d swap roles as she can walk into a better paying job that is recession proof, and I’d look after the kids.

    I’d feel no stigma in claiming JSA if I needed to – that is why I’ve paid into the system for 20 years.

    As a former employer, if I’m faced with two guys qualifed for the same job at interview, one of whom has sat around waiting for the job to drop into his lap, and the other who’d stacked shelves or swept streets in the meantime, guess which one I’m likely to be more impressed with?

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    1. Look for another a job were I can use my existing experience, even overseas if necessary
    2. In parallel, start doing some other work, ideally over the weekend with 1-2 days off midweek
    3. Use all spare “office hours” to hassle someone else into giving me a job with a commensurate salary.

    Immediately review and curb all unnecessary expenditure. That does not include primary car, telephones and broadband because these would be needed to get me another job. It would include: debt payments, holidays, tvlicence, petrol, 2nd car, heating, water consumption, food luxuries, pub, resturants, other social expenditure, magazines, possibly some insurances.

    Let’s hope it doesn’t happen.

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    Been in this position twice in the past 6 years. I wouldn’t take any job as I’m with Samuri – would want to have flexibility to attend interviews and networking events.

    Also I don’t think it would look too good to potential emploers if I did just anything because the perception would be that I not good at my job if I can’t get a role in the line of work I have spent most of my career in.

    The only reason I would sign on is not for the money but to keep my NI contributions up to date. Also as I previously had mortgage insurance at the time it was worth more to sign on and claim the insurance than it was to take any old low paid work.

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    straight back to McD’s for me. Its been a while but I am not too proud to do what I have to do to get the family on by!

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    I’ve always assumed that I had a “safe” back-up job, as I’ve got many years experience working at a well-known bike shop chain and it’s always been there for me thoughout uni holidays, after I graduated (while I was looking for a chemistry job) and even part-time at weekends and around my shift work. I know them, they know me and everything has always been fine, they were my stop-gap if it all went wrong.
    When I was made redundant, they were the first people I called but guess what – economic climate has hit them too and they’re cutting back on staff as much as possible = no job for me.
    I hate being on the dole, I hate going down the job centre but for the moment I have no other option and I’m not too proud to claim what I am entitled to.

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    To be honest I haven’t read all the replies but as of yesterday/Thursday morning I was made redundant after 17 years in the same job. I’ve got to take anything going as I’ve 3 kids, mortgage etc. I’ve got insurances but I REALLY do not want to sign on even though I’ve paid one hell of a lot into the system. I’ve always worked and would rather earn it than be given it.

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