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  • Would you still cycle if……..?
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    or just like going down hills fast!

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    The physical health benefits are a bonus. The mental health benefits are essential.

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    I have had a few stints at running, and even swimming, to keep fit. But, I keep fit through riding because I enjoy it so much. It never feels a chore like exercising just to keep fit can.

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    I ride bikes because I love it. Sometimes I like riding my road bike, sometimes my MTB, sometimes my cx. They all leave me with a smile on my face.

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    Currently own 6 bikes in 2 countries. Guess I’m addicted.

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    Yes I would continue to ride!!!

    The two times I’ve been off the bikes for any length of time I’ve been a pita to be around and have been the low points of my life. If I don’t ride a bike of some sort once a week I get irritable.

    Guess I’m addicted 😀

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    Yes. It wasn’t and has never been about the health benefits. If I lost the ability to ride I’d probably collect and restore bikes.

    Would I continue to ride if it kept on bloody raining? that’s another question, but hey ho…upwards and onwards.

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    oldgit, i have just been out for a hour…..12 soaked through to the underpants miles, on empty wet tarmac, riding through red lights and smelling damp wet foliage……….FANBLOODYTASTIC!!!! 😀

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    Don’t care about the health & fitness benefits – they’re a bonus. If it wasn’t for bikes I’d be a miserable fat bastard who spent his weekends waddling round ASDA & B&Q.

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    I ride because it’s who I am, it’s one of those things that once you have gotten into, you can never fully walk away, it draws you back in. Why do I ride, I love seeing places that not everyone sees, last night was a good example, top of a hill, thought I was doing nicely 20 miles no my singlespeed, and there was a group of swallows swooping over the field, they had done a trip from africa on there little wings, the countryside looked like a multi coloured patchwork quilt with the fading sunlight on it, all was stunning and well with the world at that point.

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    I ride because I love any form of off-road activity – I just love being out in hills and forests. It’s good for my soul and, according to my long-suffering wife, without it I’d be unbearable to live with.

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    I cycle ‘cos I love it. Any health benefits are a by-product.
    I ‘do’ Strava.
    It’s an added point of interest to me. Others don’t like it & I’m not bothered except for those who claim it takes the soul out of cycling. It might detract from their enjoyment, as we’re all different, but they shouldn’t assume it’s detracting from others enjoyment.
    Imagine if when you mentioned you like Marmite on toast some bore started banging on about how it detracts from buttered toast 😀

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    Oh yes I still would, ie if you told me that however much i train from now on i will still put a stone or two on this year and never lose it again i still would.
    It’s fun. Even road riding is, albeit a rather different ‘fun’ from an uplift day at gawton/cwmcarn etc.
    And despite spending lots on bikey stuff, it has still saved me lots of money over the years in changing from my wife and I having 2 cars and both driving to work, to having one car which mostly lives at home and is mostly for transporting big stuff/large amounts of shopping/the children longer distances.

    I expect there may be many like me who mitigate the heath benefits of cycling by feeling as though we have earnt the cakes, fried food, pies and beer afterwards. We would all be the fittest skinniest people ever if all this cycling we did for was part of a wider lifestyle of being super healthy and slim. I see one if its benefits as a means to enjoy eating more. On that note, for lunch today I am having a masala spicy vegetable pizza that i found in the halal bit of tesco. Curry and pizza, nom nom! 8)

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    Don’t really reckon cycling is that good for me! It’s the cause of most of my injuries and certainly my shrinking bank balance. And I still do it. So, yup, would def still do it!

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    I ride for fun, fitness (ish) is a bonus. If it was the other way round I wouldn’t bother, I’m not of that mentality. I use strava, but only to look back an go ‘oh, so that’s how far/fast/high I was’. Never publish rides, never had a kom. Infact that’s all irrelevant because I always forget to set it going at the start of the ride….

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    Strava like racing is for the insecure

    This sort of thing sounds alright til you see world champions using it 😆

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