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  • Would you sponsor a stranger to run a marathon? Please do…….
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    I'm going to be very cheeky and ask for sponsorship from you guys and girls……..

    I work for Admiral insurance and they are sending 8 of us to Kenya. 😀

    To run a marathon. 😯

    It's in the Lewa Reserve, near Mount Kenya. On the Equator.

    It's a great privilege! Honest!

    I've got 8 weeks to train – I'll be up to half marathon distance this weekend. Foreseeable problems are the temperature (35 degrees C last year), the altitude of over 5000ft, and the wild animals, including rhino, elephants, lion, leopard, cheetah. No worries!

    I'm raising money for Tusk, a charity which specialises in integrating conservancy into the local community, alleviating poverty and addressing local issues. They have asked us all to raise at least £1000 in sponsorship, none of which goes towards paying my trip I'll hastily add.

    I'd be massively honoured if you could consider sponsoring me via this web-page.

    If you can also tick the Gift Aid box, Tusk will get more money.

    Thank you all for even reading this.

    Premier Icon crikey
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    …. I'd be putting my STW proof armour on about now if I were you….

    Premier Icon IdleJon
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    Premier Icon PeterPoddy
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    Sponsor to run a marathon? Why not do it in the UK and donate the travel costs to the charity?

    Premier Icon IdleJon
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    Because the Kenyan one is harder , PP. Altitude, temperature, etc.

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