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  • Premier Icon garage-dweller

    If I had been the other rider and you could have spotted what’s wrong with my road bike position I would have bought you lunch!

    I expect I am not normal in this regard or others.

    So if you see a tubby bloke on a grey Biamchi with some incongruous white Scott forks and think you know what I have got wrong then please feel free to point it out.


    I was riding to work this morning and this guy behind had been wheel sucking me for ages, i kept flicking my elbow to tell him to come to the front but he never took his damn turn, i laboured on and on into the headwind making it more obvious by rocking about and pushing a massive gear, only a tool couldn’t have noticed I was making such a mock effort.

    He pulled up alongside me eventually, after we turned out of the wind, said morning and then pi55ed off.

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    Riding over to a mate’s house one evening, I caught up with a guy on a nice, but badly set up road bike who was making pretty heavy going of it. Given that I was just wearing casual shorts and only going about 3 miles, I didn’t say anything. For all I knew he could be just finishing a double century or something. Anyway, we got chatting and he confessed that his knees were killing him, he was just trying to get home.

    Of course, that gave me the opener to suggest that his saddle looked a little low and if he raised it a bit, his knees might not hurt so much. He was very grateful, asked a few questions about saddle height etc and said thanks.

    But without that opening opportunity, I’d have kept my mouth shut. Nothing worse than someone coming along and offering unsolicited know-it-all advice.

    Premier Icon benji

    Rip straight past, making road runner meep meep noises as you go by.


    I heard a bus behind me and he kept beeping his horn but wouldn’t overtake so I just ignored it.When it eventually did overtake ,he opened the doors and told me to check my back wheel.A bungee cord had come off my pannier and was dangling perilously alongside my back wheel ,mech and chain.If only I hadn’t already called himm a d888head 😳


    Id probably be a bit ungreatfull and annoyed then go home and try the advice in embarrassment but of course never admit that.

    I got a road bike, but having gone from riding jump bikes to dh bikes to a HT, i have no idea if im riding it right or not, my saddles probably to high my stems probably to long my bars are probably to low.


    Used to see loads of people (possibly most people) on the cycle path to Morecambe with their saddles far too low.

    Where did that thing come from about you should be able to get both feet on the ground while sitting on the saddle? Must have put thousands of people off cycling for good.

    I was taught it on cycling proficiency. I must have been about 10 years old.


    at the BMX pump track I usually wait until I’m offering some wipes and band aids before I suggest that standing up going up the bumps will help keep enough speed to stop the kid falling over sideways and cheese grating back down

    out and about no – unless obviously dangerous like dangling clothing or stand left down

    Roter Stern

    A friend of mine got a bit arsey with me for removing the plastic caps they put over the ends of the wheel axles to stop them going through the cardboard when the bike was boxed from the factory. Even after explaining what they were for he insisted I put them back on.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Listen to benjii.
    He speaks well.


    You do it a lot then? I’d get arsey, I know what I’m doing and I don’t need some smart arse rocking up and telling me to make adjustments to suit what he considers to be right.

    If you look like you know what you’re doing, why would anyone need to suggest something?


    Premier Icon zbonty

    I tried to advise my ex gf to not ride in the big rim all the time (mtb). She did’nt listen. Infact, if she (rarely) ever saw me in the big ring she’d call me a hypocrite!

    Years ago at Afan car park a German chap came running over from miles away to point out my disc was the wrong way round. Who knew? Been like that for months and i did’nt die.


    For over a year I’ve seen a guy cycle past me in the morning while I walk to the station, he’s in too low a gear and weaving all over the place, then freewheels until he can start pedaling again. I feel like shouting out change gear every time he’s wobbling past.

    Then one morning we arrived at the station the same time…and I actually know him. I’ll have to find a way of asking him if the gears work on his BSO.


    If you look like you know what you’re doing, why would anyone need to suggest something?

    mmm just a thought but perhaps the person doing the suggesting didn’t have either a clue what they were talking about or had no idea that that I was very very comfortable on my commuter. But of course they probably read about bike fit on the Internet and knew exactly how I felt whilst riding my bike. Had he managed to pass me I could have course critiqued his bike fit but he couldn’t manage that.

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