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  • Karinofnine

    Yes, I would/do. Surgeon warned me ‘not to fall off’ though 🙂
    I have pain in my knee (last dog broke my kneecap) hurts when I ride but I just ignore it.
    Cycling is fundamental to my mental and physical health – financial health too, I ride or part-ride to work.
    Brilliant quote C_G, hope things are not too bad with you x

    Yes. I love all riding. Two wheels good.

    A few years ago, I was bikeless for a few months. It drove me insane and a friend lent me thier roadbike and it was great. Mountain bikes will always be my passion but honestly, anything with two wheels and pedals is wonderful. I frequently enjoy my commute as much as a mediocre off road jaunt.

    I’m also ridiculously competitive, be it an unofficial race with another commuter, out-accelerating cars before the next lights or with mates on singletrack. I’d ride without racing, but life is about competition 🙂

    Premier Icon kiwijohn

    Live to ride.
    Ride to live.
    Do or die.
    Aces high.

    Premier Icon ton

    How’s it going with you ton?

    CG, i am fantastic at present love, although waiting for another date for hospital.
    regarding my riding, i have been doing the kind of riding that i 1st started doing, which is day/weekend tours, and i am doing this with my wife, who has taken to it like a duck to water.

    i reckon some of us are just born to ride, no matter what…..oh, and i think i might get a t shirt printed with your quote. 8)


    I’d always want to ride. I started after years off to lose weight again. After doing that (10 stone off) I wanted to do a bit of competition for motivation.

    I’ll always want to ride.


    ‘This is my Church, this is how i heal my hurts…’
    To paraphrase Maxi Jazz.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Have been on an enforced break since July due to injury.

    Quickly realised I had to get a turbo trainer or I’d go mental.

    Able to ride on road again now, and I can see that the riding is the main thing – road, xc, dh etc is secondary.

    Premier Icon FOG

    I do events of various sorts but they are just an excuse to get out on the bike, to different areas I wouldn’t ordinarily visit. It really is just about being out there on the bike, MTB ,road, whatever. If I was really desperate I would ride SS.
    My wife just doesn’t understand, she keeps telling me I ought to get a hobby! That I waste my time messing about with bikes! More particularly she resents every penny I spend on bikes .
    Like most of us, if I couldn’t get out on a bike I would be completely lost and I don’ t care to think about the time rapidly approaching when it will become physically v. difficult to ride anything. My heart goes out to those of us who have the sorts of problems we have heard about in these posts which prevent them from riding. We riders should all be very grateful for what we have.

    Premier Icon ahwiles

    back in the day, i was a Junior/senior/Master Dh racer, i was crap, but raced anyway, I even managed to finish not-last once or twice.

    now, i’m still crap, but i’ve become a coward, and i’m skint, so i don’t/can’t race anymore.

    I pootled along the Monsal trail last weekend, it was bloody great! (did a wheelie)

    Yes in some form or another although life seems to be getting in the way at the moment! Guess that’s just because riding isn’t as high a priority to me at the moment as it was 12-18 months ago.

    Do I ever see a time when I never own and use a bike? No 🙂


    Absolutely keep biking. The nature of it will change but it preserves what’s left of my hips and knees after years of fell running. Couldn’t do without it and its also something the whole family enjoys doing.

    Already done similar with canoeing. Got too injured to keep at slalom years ago so just sea touring now.

    jwt – Member
    ‘This is my Church, this is how i heal my hurts…’
    To paraphrase Maxi Jazz.

    Amen 😛

    I think I will ride until I can’t ride .why would you ever not, and you’re a good example of overcoming whatever obstacles life throws at you , adapt and survive.If I’m doddering along a tow-patch in my dotage I don’t care , its all good

    Premier Icon teadrinker

    I’d always try and ride no matter what.

    When I first started Mtbing I used to love the old Orange adverts with that old chap that resembled a slim Santa. I used to think when I’m old I want to be like that. Still do.

    I dunno, I could probably see it being reduced to a combination of commuting/fitness and occasional trips rather than a sport/hobby once family comitments take over. I quite fancy getting back into Sailing, mainly becuse 2nd hand boats are cheaper and longer lasting than bikes!

    Gem18 – £3k with a trailer, even if you were racing and spaffed £1k on new sails each year, £500 on storage and launching, etc. That’s probably still less than I spend on bikes, and the boat’s had the same (appreciating with inflation) value since the 70’s so is an asset, not a liability!

    Premier Icon ddmonkey

    For me riding bikes is an itch I can never properly scratch – I want to be riding MTB for as long as I possibly can and bikes in general til I die 🙂


    Love riding my bikes, but it’s not the main thing I do. Would get bored of it if my life completely revolved around the bikes. Lots of other stuff I like doing too.


    I guess there will come a day when I’ll be in a bathchair and not riding but hope its a long way off. I moved to london three/four years ago and the mountains around here arent exactly handy so now i still ride and get my fix as transport and cross to mix it up with the odd treat of a day trip to hills. Nope not going to stop anytime soon.


    I have considered having to give up riding recently due to my ankle injury. Not knowing what I would replace it with is one of the things that stopped me giving up. I love being out on the MTB, I prefer DHs even tho I’m not particularly fast they just make me feel good. My ankle hurting has seriously impacted on how I feel during/after a DH section and how I ride my bike.

    I have considered Enduro Motorcycling but I very much doubt that will have any less of an impact on my ankle. It is something I definitely want to try in the next 10 years, I need my license first tho.

    Premier Icon Trekster

    As age takes it’s tool on my auld body the day will come when I just have to stop. Had to finally concede that squash was no good for my knees, back etc recently and for the same reasons biking looks like it may be on borrowed time 🙄


    Work to Live.
    Live to ride.
    Ride to Work.

    Premier Icon muddydwarf

    I’ve been cycling on and off for the last 30 yrs, chiefly commuting on cheap BSO’s etc. Took up MTB’ing around 1998 and thought that would be all i would ever be interested in. 3yrs ago bought a Boardman Hybrid ostensibly for commuting but started using it for general road riding with friends.
    Fast forward 3yrs and i’ve got a singlespeed road bike for commuting, the Boardman has been demoted to winter bike/pootling bike and i’ve recently bought a carbon proper road bike. Not ridden either of my full suss MTB’s for around six weeks as i’m too busy enjoying the new road bike, but i’m sure i’ll be reaching for one of them before too long.
    Over the last 15yrs cycling has grown from being something i did to get to work and occasionally did at weekends, to being the main activity/hobby in my life. I ride to work every day, try to get out two evenings midweek and weekends. I’ll give up an offer of drinks so that i can ride in the morning.
    It’s kept me sane and kept my SAD at bay, i’ll ride as long as i’m physically capable. Might not be MTB’ing, might not be lycra-clad 100-milers etc but somehow i’ll ride.

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