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  • Would you camp in this wind?
  • Be OK if you pitch up behind a nice big hedge 🙂

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    Yeah, but only with either the right tent or the right shelter. If it's a North Face Tadpole I've seen one collapse in less wind than we've got here but then, it might have been pitched badly, the owner was a moron. A decent tent'll stand up to ridiculous winds, it might bend a bit but it'll stay up and waterproof.

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    my Outwell stood up to the gales in Cornwall (remnants of Hurricane Bill apparently) at the end of August just fine. Pulled the pegs a bit but once I'd nailed the corners down with the 4 ft wooden stakes from our beach windbreak it wasn't going anywhere.

    Remember to pitch the open end on the downwind side and you should be OK

    Premier Icon midlifecrashes

    I'd do it if I had to, but I'd not do it for fun. There will be other weekends. (Just been to collect my washing from the neighbour's garden, added sandbags to the trampoline frame.)


    My Terra Nova Quasar has been okay in winds like this, it's very windy in Sheffield too, TNF Tadpoles look like they've got the right shape and poles in good places for camping in strong winds, not a very technical way of looking at a tent I guess, but they seem similar to Terra Nova Voyagers in design, and they're ment to be okay for four season non mountain use.

    You might be okay with getting enough sleep if you pitch it well and go somewhere sheltered.

    we've been looking forward for 2 weeks t pitching and sleeping in our new tent (Tadpole) but this wind in Yorkshire is propper strong a tell thee. what a bumer!

    Hmm, i have a Tadpole, its been through 2 sets of poles and got flattened once in some serious wind….good luck !!


    Reminds me of camping out in the Lakes back in the storm of 87(89?) My dad in his pants at 3 in the morning, trying to keep hold of his 2 man tent which was one peg away from disapearing up the valley. STuck me in a survival blanket and put me in with my godfather in his well guyed dome tent, he'd only borrowed it but it didn't budge! Quite a memory. Half his lightweight pots n pans flew away up hill!

    Premier Icon Tracey

    Katie is out on Guide camp today and it blowing hard here



    I've been out in worse.


    I would, but I'd definitely be looking for a sheltered spot.

    I did pitch right on top of a hill in similar conditions once, to test a tent. It survived fine but it was a pretty noisy night.


    In the right spot and with the right gear maybe. Would stay well away from trees though


    With a proper geodesic tent, sure!


    I remember camping in the Lakes. We were in a valley and you could here the wind come down, It sound like a train and you just layed their waiting for it to hit the tent, and when it did the tent shook all over the place. Thank god for 5 season tents. In the morning half the campsite had packed up middle of the night and gone home.

    my little northface vapour which only has one guy rope and is strictly 1 season has stayed up in some really strong gales, its where you pitch it that counts.


    camped on raasay for the rumble in force 9 gales …..

    in a vaude taurus pitched wrong (wind changed direction during the day)

    #We had no choice —- several pop up tents went off across the water in the wind … and gazeebos ended upside down a plenty !

    woke up in the morning to carnage !

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