Would you buy back a bike you sold?

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  • Would you buy back a bike you sold?
  • tk46hal

    Hi All,

    I’m into my 29er’s, 700cc bikes and last Christmas I sold a Kona Hei Hei full sus 29er blinged up to fund a CX build. The chap that bought the bike has not used the bike and I mean, NOT USED the bike since buying it from me so!
    What I sold it for and what I can buy it back for now it would be a bargain for this quality high end bike and I don’t have a full susser so do I do it? He has even asked me to try and sell it for him if I don’t want it?
    I’m very tempted though! 😕
    Here it is!

    Premier Icon Pik n Mix

    I would love the chap off of here to sell me back my bike, I miss it so much and wouldn’t care how much it had been ridden as long as it was still in good condition.

    That looks lovely, get it back.


    yes, deffo

    my ventana 29r would be mine right now if my last op had worked.
    a Nicolai I sold bigpete after only 1 ride.
    a heckler I sold after a very bad crash cos I had the wrong forks on it.
    and 2 singular swifts……**** knows why I let em go.


    I’d quite like my PRST-4 back.

    Premier Icon andycs

    Yes. Would buy back my Chameleon if I could, and would be even more keen to buy back my Hutch Judge and my GHP.

    I would love my Marin Hawk Hill back, I had the best times on that bike. Keep looking on eBay for one but they never come up.

    I might be interested in buying it what size is it?

    Premier Icon FOG

    Similar problem, sold nicely built Scandal to a mate about 4 years ago who never uses it and has even hinted I might like to buy it back but I don’t know how much to offer. I’m not that desperate to have it back but it would be a handy hack but I don’ t want to pay a fortune so what does STW think? Half what he paid me? Less? More?



    It’s a 18″ medium 2009 frame!

    Email me if you want to discuss!

    Would have my Kona Muni-Mula (green, small frame) back in a trice.

    Bugger I need a large. How did you get on with it, are they light?


    It’s hard to estimate a value on a bike but you sold your Scandal 4 years ago!If I was thinking of buying it back then I would think 20% reduction per year for something in the state if was when you sold it but that is my opinion! 😉


    I bought my 2008 456 frame back from the guy I sold it to for the same price.Will now ride it till it breaks.

    Premier Icon trailhound

    Would of loved to buy back my first Pace RC200 about a day after I sold it!
    Didn’t really want to sell it in the first place, and regretted it for years! Never ever saw it again.


    Yes – I sold my old VP-Free to a guy in Cambridge. Would have that back in a shot…


    Premier Icon thisisnotaspoon

    I really want my old trailstar back, sold to some guy called Duane in South Wales.

    Wonder what happened to it.

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    +1 TINAS, I’d love to buy my old trailstar back.

    As for the OP’s question, apply and appropriate amount of depreciation for the 12 months “wear and tear” and take back your baby, essentially you’ve just used one bike as collateral on a loan for another, but paying less to get it back, makes your mate into about the best pawn shop in the world…

    Premier Icon MrOvershoot

    Like FOG I stupidly sold a Scandal (actually it was the Proto Scandal)
    First built up as a SS then my best ever commute bike “The Car Chaser”

    Premier Icon P20

    Yes. Like many on this thread, I shouldn’t have sold it….

    114 by ritcheyp20, on Flickr


    never sell bikes, hide them behind the shed.

    Premier Icon valleydaddy

    I want my 456 with 140mm Revs on back why oh why did I sell it 😥

    I really hanker after a HT again but do I join the 650b revolution?


    Yeah I’d have my Langster back. Really miss it, geared bikes just aren’t the same I’m afraid.


    I bought my Ducati ST4 back three years after I sold it. I was gutted when it went but at the time I needed the money. Then I got a job and started nagging the guy to sell it back to me, two and a half years later he agreed to 🙂

    Premier Icon smogmonster

    I sold my Cube Fritzz last year to put towards my house deposit..id buy it back tomorrow if i could. Great bike but i had other priorities at the time.


    I’d buy back my Orange Evo 2 in a heartbeat!

    Premier Icon beaker2135

    Yep, nickel plated P7
    I’d buy another in the blink of an eye


    I’d buy them all back. If I had the money and space I would never have sold them in the first place. One day Rodney…

    Premier Icon Atomizer

    Yes, I’d buy a Purple Jones i sold, which got sold on (and on).
    Seemed the right thing to do at the time… Hey ho!


    Yes and no. I built a Pace RC303, Thomson, Air Revs and X9 kit. Totally over spent then sold it barely used as I was skint. Massive loss. I looked lovely. I’d love it back but from what I hear the RC303 wasn’t a particularly strong frame and had a few failures, hence the yes and no answer!


    Well, I have now committed myself into buying the Kona hei hei back but don’t let the wife know as she will not understand why I need it back!


    The Kingdom Foia V2 I sold last summer. Was such a nice bike. Would buy it back in a heartbeat.

    My Merida race bike. It pains me to this day not having it.

    Life’s too short to ride all the bikes I want to ride.

    Your old bike won’t be as amazing as you remember and you could ride something different and more interesting.

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