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  • Would this be a warrenty replacement and would you bother?
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    Took the bottle cage off my mtb (xc race hardtail) in autumn because i was using it as an emergency spare pit bike for cx racing. Went to put the cage back on and the allen bolts are just spinning in the frame, seems like the bits they thread into are just spinning around in the frame.

    Now I’m sure I can bodge this somehow – I’ll need too as racing xc on sunday so will want a cage. However while thinking about how to fix this, it occured to me it might in theory be a warrenty replacement/better fix than me pi$$ing around with superglue. Thoughts? Bike is a year old (and barely gets used during cx season). I know bottle mounts arent integral to a bikes performance but when its sold as an xc race bike they are needed. I’m pretty certain I can’t be bothered with the faff, but wondered what other people thoughts are. One thing occurred to me is if I were to sell bike in future having a bodged cage might reduce the resale value.


    Could you not get an lbs to put a new rivnut in?

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    A good bike shop should have the proper tool for crimping them up. A simple maintenance job.

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    Simple fix, you need a bikeshop with a set of riv-nut pliers to tighten the insert against the downtube

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    I took a bike back for this, they didn’t have the tool so they gave me a new bike! (Decathlon – not an LBS)


    You can fix it with an old QR and some washers. Look on Park Tools Website. I did it once and it worked a treat.

    Here you go:


    Ah nice, thanks all, hadnt realised how they fitted them, nice and easy job by the looks of things – and better than me glueing my fingers to the frame


    You don’t need any special tools at all!
    Rivnut tool is by far the easiest, but if you haven’t got access to one, you need an allen bolt and a few washers.
    Stick some lubricant on the thread of the bolt and the boss, stick a few washers on the bolt, put it on, and snug it up tight. It’ll crimp up the rivnut, job done.

    Or a longer allen bolt, some washers and another nut.

    Put the nut on the bolt, most of the way up, then a few washers, then thread the nut into the rivnut (good 15mm in, so it passes all the way through). Hold the bolt still with a big allen key and run the nut down the thread until it pulls really tight against the washers and then crimps the rivnut.

    benefits over the previous method include no concerns about the rivnut moving and tearing out of the frame while you tighten the bolt (in very thinwalled tubing) and less risk of stipping the rivnut thread.

    Similar principle to the QR method above actually.

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    ^^^ this. Mine came loose. Just use a M6 bolt & a nut and a washer. Run the nut up threads of bolt about 2 cms, stick on a washer and run the bolt into the rivnut til it contacts the washer. Now use one spanner to hold the bolt still and back tighten the nut against the framewith another spanner. This will effectively result in the bolt being pulled out of the frame and will compress the rivnut as it comes, thus fixing it more firmly in the frame. It will not take much to pinch it up tight again. Do not over tighten!! I accept no responsibility of ham-fistedness. 🙂

    EDIT, dam took more than 4 minutes to type and beaten to it 🙂

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