Would it be possible to organise 'hartail only trails' ?

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  • Would it be possible to organise 'hartail only trails' ?
  • Premier Icon kayak23

    I want us to pass through under the radar, without changing the environment.

    Passing through the radar without changing the environment ,yesterday….


    I ride at Woburn, or used to currently, and there are bumps but that’s more due to inexperience and the popularity of places I’d say than having suspension or not.
    Incidentally, shouldn’t they be called braking-hollows? Bumps are sticky uppy, these are dippy downy

    Premier Icon jameso

    ^ that’s all gone now.
    Woburn is a small area where a lot of people park and ride, using the same 5 or 6 trails as part of a ride there I’d expect. It’s soft and sandy and can erode fast, so brake bumps are going to happen. The good thing is it’s easy to fill them in .. ; )
    or ride other trails, there’s loads in the general area if you use Woburn as a spot to pass through on a ride rather than a micro trail-centre, which is what it’s become really. Quick-fix MTB is the ‘issue’, simply pressure on space. In reality though it’s not eroded badly in the 10+ years I’ve been riding there from time to time. Trails come and go and it spreads the use well enough.

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    Shirley its brakes that are the issue? Remove them and this imaginary issue disappears…


    bikeneil – Member
    Would it be possible to organise ‘Good Riders only trails’ ?


    Premier Icon timmys

    Braking bumps on the Rollercoaster at Woburn caused by full-suspension bikes?

    You and oldgit should form a club together discussing this rather specific topic!;



    The BW that runs up next to the Downhill track and the first bit of the North face. The one that got curned by recent logging has been stone chipped into a towpath smooth pram track.
    They have a crushed on site chomping up rock and spitting out gravel…
    More to come

    To be fair that BW was utterly destroyed by the logging. Nothing wrong with the first bit of the North Face though. 😕

    Premier Icon ampthill

    Next time I do the roller coaster I’ll keep my eyes peeled for breaking bumps.

    But they clearly aren’t ruining my day

    At Woburn braking just seems to tear the surface up….

    Premier Icon boxelder

    They’re suspension stutter bumps (started when brakes are applied). Dirt roads in Canada etc are covered in them – the bouncing up and down of suspension on 4*4 trucks. They wouldn’t form if only hard tails were ridden (or if folk rode without locking their back wheel)
    Still a daft suggestion from OP, but I sympathise

    Premier Icon ampthill

    The wash board that covers the world dirt roads are not braking bumps. They are every where…..

    Still not convinced that hard tails wouldn’t form them


    <riding god hat> IF YOU’RE RIDING ON THE BRAKING BUMPS YOU’VE CHOSEN A SHIT LINE </riding god hat>

    Sorry for the shouting but it’s the only way to get through to people who are hard of thinking. 😉

    Premier Icon slowoldman

    I suppose what I don’t like is damage done by MTBs, I want us to pass through under the radar, without changing the environment.

    The phrase “pissing in the wind” springs to mind. Seriously. I’ve been walking in the hills for over 40 years and am very aware of the enormous damage done by the passage of feet over that time. Why would a bike be any gentler?

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