Would seized frame bearings cause a clicking noise?

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  • Would seized frame bearings cause a clicking noise?
  • Premier Icon easygirl

    Yes shot bearings will click and creak, the surfaces of the balls and races will be badly pitted, rusted, so two rough surfaces rubbing together cause the weird noises!

    Premier Icon zippykona

    I would think so. My super light was making a racket while pedalling. Serviced pedals, changed bb, it was a loose pivot bolt.

    Easygirl cheers , it only happens when climbing though? Would I not hear noises when descending? They obviously moved to some extent as suspension felt fine and no play side to side , but out of the frame the hardly move by hand

    Like said no noise when flat or descending but clicking type noise when climbing? Still possible?

    Cheers by the way!

    Premier Icon zippykona

    I was convinced my click was pedal related as my bike descended quietly.
    Clicks is weird things.

    Cheers zippy by pivot bolt do u mean the bearing itself?

    Sounds promising at least fingers crossed

    Premier Icon zippykona

    On my bike there was a bolt which I took out and inside the pivot itself was some sort of sleeve thing which I nipped up.
    My Mount Vision is different although they are both single pivot.

    Cool well I’m hopeful it’s the cause cos I have literally no idea what else it could be

    Fingers crossed

    My six month old five bearings are knackered , they will literally spin a fourth of a full turn on both bearings!

    I’ve had a mystery click noise when climbing and I’ve tried absolutely everything to try and fix it. As frame was only new six months ago I’ve sort of ruled them out, but if they won’t move freely I’m guessing its a possibility

    Just wondering if knackered bearings would actually cause clicks and creaks when climbing?

    They were completely dry and rusty and as I said they won’t turn at all more than a fourth of a full revolution either way, ie pretty much seized?

    I’m hoping its that obviously as I’ve changed them now and it’s basically the last thing I can think of to try and cure the clicking noise? Everything else I’ve tried hasn’t sorted it and nothing’s appeared broken, but the bearings obviously are and I can’t test them now till Tuesday! Argghhh!

    Premier Icon Onzadog

    Not combing your hair in the correct direction in the morning can cause a random click on your bike. You do t even have to be riding it.

    But knackered bearing are as good a starting point as any.

    Premier Icon tmb467

    Had a click that I thought was the bottom bracket – turns out it was a pedal bearing! My bike rides like a hardtail when the pivot bearings go

    Given that there are 24 different bearings that do different things on my bike, and that all but two have been replaced in the last year, I get quite annoyed when I hear a click

    Lol onzadog agreed thus literally came out if no where it was fine for 6 months not a sound really other than creaking seat post , I’m skeptical this is the cause but I’m clinging on to any hope it could be as I have absolutely no idea what else it could be

    But as you say they are a good starting point and given they are goosed and not running then I guess it is as good a chance as any


    I was in my lbs on Friday and a cube had been sent in for a Creek. It turns out that where the tubes butt up together at the headtube they were rubbing together under stress and the frame is less than 12 mths old so going back under warranty. Oooops. fingers crossed for your bearings bring the issue.

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