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  • Woss leaves Beeb – thank God for that
  • marsdenman

    just heard on the radio….
    I won't be shedding a tear…..


    Premier Icon Bunnyhop

    Hoorway ( sp. on purpose) good news. 🙂

    Premier Icon muddydwarf

    Does that mean i won't be funding an alleged 'presenter' who cannot even enunciate correctly?

    Premier Icon nuke

    A good news story 😀

    Premier Icon mtbfix

    His radio show was pretty good and he pulled no punches on tat film on Film 200X. I'd say a good host who made a foolish phonecall has been pushed out by public indignation at something most of them never heard and that Andrew Sachs says rejuvenated his career.


    That's just made my day. He is a pwick.


    So instead of being a salaried BBC employee he will now [though his production company] sell the BBC similar content

    What was it Mark Twain said about the reports of his death?

    I'm going to stick my neck out and say I like him. He is funny, and the BBC will struggle to find anyone to fill his shoes on a big stat type chatshow – the closest they have is graham norton, but his appeal is limited. Perhaps chris Evans back on tv.

    Oh and his "fee" is actually cash to his production company that makes the shows, not his salary.

    Endless attacks on the BBC from the mail and Murdoch are business motivated – they just want a slice of the very lucrative BBC worldwide pie.


    "cash to his production company" is just a way of avoiding paying national insurance & tax etc – costs the BBC less & "employees" are better off. It doesn't mean that he is paying lots of people to do other work behind the scenes.

    Good ridance – what right society is prepared to pay the equivalent of maybe 180 nurses salaries for one publically funded TV & radio presenter?


    good widdance

    Right, James Martin next (we could only dream)


    I think he is decent, I'd rather watch him than who ever replaces him on friday probably that gay chap whos name evades me, does monday night tv.


    Adrian Chiles?

    I always thought he proved himself a worthy successor to Barry Norman on Film, but he's a dire chat show host, largely because all the interviews tend to be more about him than the guests. His habit of making "funny" quips to the guest followed by cow eyes at the camera screams "I'm an attention whore" is horribly cringe-inducing.

    Premier Icon Coyote

    Chat show host? No, definitely not. Massive ego trip at the expense of his guests.

    Film Critic? Mark Kermode would do a far better job, give him the gig.

    Radio host? Yes, love his show.

    Loss to the BBC? On balance, no.

    Premier Icon muggomagic

    i used to watch friday night as there is little else on at that time of night, but since the suspension the show was terrible. Think he knows that too and is probably why he's choosing not to renegotiate.

    he'll be replaced by graham norton so they can justify his salary.

    Mister P

    Norton makes Ross look half decent.

    Premier Icon Flaperon

    Ross could stay on the radio and on Film, but the TV chat show is rubbish and has been for some time now. I suspect that he is also struggling to get decent guests (who are often only interested in plugging books/films), in part due to his 'reputation'.


    I like him and I'm going to miss his shows, especially the film show. There is so much else on tv that's actually really terrible, worthy of grave dancing but hey subjectivity. It's fashionable I guess to be sheeple and hate in a crowd.

    When he first appeared on TV I didn't like him, but then Channel 4 broadcast his programme on obscure and cult filmmakers which was excellent(especially the one about Alejandro Jodorowsky) and he turned out to be an out of the closet comics fan (albeit crap American ones) and I kind of warmed to him.
    Recently he's definatly been believing too much of his own hype, and not worth the salary.
    Do I care he's left?- nahh, got rid of my TV ages ago.

    Mr Woppit

    Non-event of the century so far.


    It doesn't mean that he is paying lots of people to do other work behind the scenes

    Sorry if I'm a bit confused by that – whose are all the names in the credits then? Its not just him and some bloke paid £5 and hour to hold the camera.

    To his credit in this day and age when there are literally hundreds of channels to choose from, when his show is on most of the people who are watching a TV are watching it. If he's expensive thats why, but he's not as expensive as he could be and at the time he signed his contract there were plenty of bidders who were offering him more money.

    Premier Icon BigDummy

    I think TV would probably be better if it built shows around things it was good for people to see rather than presenters they can be bothered to watch.

    Ross himself doesn't bother me personally, but his eye-watering remuneration is a symptom of how little idea the BBC (and others) have of how to interest people in television programmes.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    A lot of you will be back whinging if Graham Norton gets the Friday Night gig.

    I used to hate Wossy but he'd grown on me over the last few years (aside from that horrible celeb apprentice bit).

    Chris Evans is a good shout actually, he seems to have got a lot less annoying and more entertaining since he calmed down a bit.

    Haven't watched the film show for years, and that certainly wouldn't cahnge if they gave that self-righteous p***k Kermode (Mark Lamarr for librarians) the job. Highly unlikely, luckily.


    Shame – He was one of the few things i was happy to pay my license fee for

    Ah well it'll keep the Daily Mail and the whinging gits on here happy. Well for now, until the next thing comes along

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