Worthwhile chainstay (chainsuck) protection?

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  • Worthwhile chainstay (chainsuck) protection?
  • Premier Icon letmetalktomark

    Seems almost to simple …..

    Guess it would need replacing if severe chainsuck were to happen but might offer protection in the first case.

    Thinking of wrapping a steel frame with skinny double butted stays.

    Thoughts 🙂

    Premier Icon simon1975

    I protect my top tube from lever damage in the same way. Is that self-amalgamating tape? Neat.


    That’s basically what Trek did to protect the chainstay on the first OCLV carbon road bikes. They added a tall washer that fits behind the BB to stop the chain from gouging the BB shell too.

    It’s just stuck on with a bit of double sided tape; mines been there for about 12 years.

    Premier Icon letmetalktomark


    The ^^ pics aren’t mine but I was planning on replicating it with self amalgamating tape 8)


    Coke can is extremely thin though. A friend of mine fabricated a bracket to fix his Yeti 575 delaminated chainstay from an Aluminium broom handle – worked perfectly!


    I recently made one from two layers of old inner tube + cable ties. Don’t know if it will work yet. Yes, the chain will slice through the inner tube but I’m sort of hoping that by the time it’s cut through two layers of rubber the link will press sideways on the rubber too so pressure will be spread over a wider area. And the chain hopefully jams before it cuts steel.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I tried a coke can but it just tore, bit of thicker aluminium worked well though.

    You’d be better off with a bit of baked beans tin, that’s much tougher.

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