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  • Worth renting a Shockwiz for a week?
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    I see on Fatlama that I can get one for £45 for a week which is much cheaper than buying!

    Worth the cost to fettle for a week?

    Premier Icon Akers

    £45 for a week seems fair. It will probably take a couple of rides to get each fork or shock you have dialled in. If you’ve got a couple of bikes to do you’ll be getting your monies worth in a weeks hire. Once they’re setup right you probably won’t need to use it again, so you’ll save a few quid over buying one.

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    Yeah, would be sorting 2 bikes. Mine and my lads.

    Premier Icon kimbers

    Over a week you’ll easily get both ends dialled

    A DH settup & an xc set-up of you can ride some different locations, BPW setups very fldiffeed from optimum at swinley!

    Just take a lot of notes, record all your settings !


    Having ridden with one a fair bit I can say that the recommendations it gives will vary with the type of riding. So think about the kind of trails you want to ride with it to get the suspension set up. I think £45 is decent value, especially if you can get a bit of riding in during the week.

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    It’s via a website called Fatlama. Not heard of it till I googled renting the shockwiz.

    Apparently it’s just a private owner that rents it out. Good idea really.

    As a new member I get £20 off the rental too…. So only £24 for the week. Think I will rent it during early Summer as I will be riding more of my local trails by then. 👍

    Sorry if the above sounds like an advert! Iol


    I’d want a nice repeatable section of trail that you can do in 20-30 minutes too. Deffo worth it if your shocks have comp/rebound/high speed comp, and you’ve got a couple of bikes to set up.


    I rented one for a week. Scratched an itch that had been bugging me for ages. That’s about all I got from it too tbh. Load of old shite.

    Premier Icon lowey

    If you have a pretty good graps of suspension settings and how they work, then you generally find that a shockwiz will simply confirm your set up.

    If you are not so competant then you will get a lot out of it.

    Given the amount of money we spend on forks / shocks/ bikes, I personally think its a complete no brainier to hire one.

    Premier Icon ebennett

    I bought one recently as I reckoned I needed 2 weeks to get set up on both ends (only ride once a week) and I’m planning on changing bikes next year, so the difference between hiring and buying wasn’t too big. I found it really helpful as, while I know what the settings do on suspension, I find it really difficult to tell what the problem I’m having with the suspension actually is. Only resulted in small tweaks to my setup, but the rear feels much better now, still working on the front.

    As has been said, you’ll get different recommendations depending on the trail you ride – I found it best to set mine up based on the roughest trail I was riding, though it doesn’t really have any jumps so it’ll be interesting to see what it suggests somewhere like BPW.

    If you’re renting I’d recommend having a read through this (very long) thread beforehand – I read through it after having some issues setting up my fork (air trapped in lowers) and picked up a few nuggets that were quite useful, so might help you get the most out of it!

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    It’s via a website called Fatlama. Not heard of it till I googled renting the shockwiz.

    Apparently it’s just a private owner that rents it out. Good idea really.

    As a new member I get £20 off the rental too…. So only £24 for the week. Think I will rent it during early Summer as I will be riding more of my local trails by then.

    Sorry if the above sounds like an advert! Iol

    Tried looking on Fat Lama but can’t find anything listed.

    Swinno’s on Cannock Chase hire them out but it’s £40/day for 2 units.

    I found it a pretty useful tool.

    It confirmed my settings for regular trail riding were pretty sound and helped me realise that I needed about 15% more pressure (and concordant damping increases) for trail centre and BPW style riding, the result feeling way better and faster.

    It was especially useful for the high speed, high frequency inputs at the ragged edge, because frankly, I don’t have the brain space in those scenarios to think about the suspension.

    I found it more or less just confirmed the settings Mojo had given me, so made very little difference. I think that’s been the experience of most of my friends (we have a club one)

    That said, one guy I ride with used it and while he changed very little on his trail bike, it totally changed his DH bike setup, and it made a massive difference in performance. He was using lots of compression, etc but was adivesed to use very little, and tweak pressure instead.(maybe the pther way round, can’t remember exactly)

    I think if you have yourself pretty well set up, chances are you just confirm what you already know, but if you’re struggling with a setup or have a new fork/shock/bike, it’s a good idea.

    One thing that’s annpying is that it will recommend high and low speed compression adjustments, but lots of comon forks (Pike for example) don’t have those.


    I’ve got the load of a shockwiz from my BIL. I must get around to using it, but cant decide whether to do the rigid bike or the full susser first.

    Just spent the day with a rental Shockwiz, which showed that everything was as it should be… No recommend tweaks, not even little ones. I kind of feel I’ve wasted the £40 (I know it could have gone the other way).

    I think, like has already said, if you have a good idea of what adjustments do what and how you want it to feel, a Shockwiz might be ok to confirm your setting, but certainly isn’t as essential as some make it out to be.

    On the other hand, with a fork and shock easily pushing £1500 what’s another £40 to check.


    Im wondering if it’d be a worthwhile purchase for the XC race scene?

    Would a couple of pre race practice laps be enough to get something worthwhile from it?

    I did laps of a loop, after one lap the app had enough for to give recommendations (if needed) and the results stayed as they were for all the other laps.

    For racing on a variety of different tracks I can see it being useful


    Hello  I am the guy renting out the Shockwiz on FatLama. Just a side gig thing.

    If anyone is interested in renting a Shockwiz Fat Lama are doing £25 off your first rental with them using the code https://fatllama.com/r/greg-c09c0

    The Shockwiz unit can be found here https://fatllama.com/rentals/penn/hire-shockwiz-suspension-tuning—unit-b-02018868



    Premier Icon dreednya

    I was amazed with the Shockwiz recommendations I had.  Rode the whole of the final descent of the ClimachX Trail 6-8 times and winched up to the top in-between.  I always thought i ran my settings soft on my Ibis ripley, but apparently not.  On the shock (Fox DPS Evolve) it recommended reducing air pressure form 180 down to 150 and crank up the compression settings and on the fork (Fox 34) it had me reducing air pressure from 80 down to just below 70 and again increase compression settings.  Rebound was 2 clicks faster on both.  Resulted in PBs on the final descent apart from the finalI now use full travel on both and it feels really sound everywhere apart from Coed y renin, but that level of armoured trail needs a setting all of its own!

    Thoroughly recommend renting one as it makes you think how your suspension works and of course it is not only set up for your bodyweight but also your riding style on that particular trail

    Premier Icon MartynS


    Forgive me if you’ve already checked this out, but make sure your forks/shock are compatible,

    I’ve got MRP stage forks and a cane creek IL air. The ShockWiz won’t work on the MRP.

    I don’t fully understand but you pressurise them from the bottom and equalise the chambers at the top of the fork, anyhow the ShockWiz won’t work on this type of fork, and the cane creek needed a short adapter length to connect to the valve, which we didn’t have…!

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