Worth having suspension on a children's trailer? Anyone got a Chariot Cougar?

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  • Worth having suspension on a children's trailer? Anyone got a Chariot Cougar?
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    Looking at strollers which convert to cycle trailers (or vice-versa) for the newly arrived Hooter twins. We won’t be able to take them cycling in it for at least 6 months, but wondering if it’s worth getting a model like the Chariot Cougar 2 which has suspension, on the basis that there’s plenty of pot holes on the roads round our way? Don’t mind paying the extra dosh if it means I can go a further distance with them. Anyone got a Chariot Cougar – is the suspension any good?


    I have a Chariot Cougar 1 – and its fantastic.

    The suspension does work and when running, it makes it so much easier to ‘lean’ it through bends without having to pick the front wheel up so much.

    How much better than a different brand, but with fatter softer tires – no idea. But they look cool.

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    We have a CX1, good piece of kit the suspension is adjustable by load and lesbijoupotato seems quite content in there mostly been used for running so far, but it tows very well. really nicely made!

    Under about 10months they need the baby sling which is an extra 80quid a side so you might want to hold off a little bit.

    Certainly hoping to do some touring in the future with ours so rides of 3-4 hours should be possible.


    Yes, definitely. We had a Cougar 2 which we used to use on farm tracks and old railway lines etc. and even then they get jiggled about a lot, especially when their necks aren’t that strong. I would not have wanted one without suspension, or the toddler harness with the head support.

    The other issue we found was dust coming off the back wheel when off-road. In the summer its too hot to have the full screen down, so you have to ride with just the mesh over the front. After a ride the little one would come out looking like a coal miner as I don’t have mudguards.

    The other advantage with a Chariot, as we found out, is they’re easy to sell on and keep their value really well.

    Hope that helps.

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    CX1 here – suspension is excellent and makes a big difference, especially if going off road. Our first outing was a loop of Ladybower. I remember thinking it was bumpier than I remembered and thanking the heavens for the suspension! He was 3 months old by the way – baby harness with head supports – he was fine, slept most of it.

    Saul and his Chariot by Jonathan Bateman, on Flickr

    Big tyres make a good contribution as well, and there’s a reasonable selection of BMX tyres in 20″. 16 months in that pic and hard to keep out of the trailer by then. Both of ours have loved it (youngest now 4) – we might get just a few more pulls but I think ours will go up for sale in the spring.

    I’d echo what tobsters says about the dust. It’s fine in the winter when they’re full covered up, but they do get a bit filthy riding dusty fireroads with just a mesh screen.


    Cougar 2 here – had our daughter in it from 6 months in the sling – which offers additional cushioning as a bonus – on blue trails, bridleways and done some touring on it.

    We have been very pleased with it. I DO have mudguards – yet in dry dusty conditions she did get covered in dust – to the point that I would avoid this mostly due to the amount she must have been inhaling.

    I run the tyres quite soft – 0.8 bar or so.

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    Ok, thanks for the replies, sounds like it gonna be the suspension option 🙂

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