Worth 20 minutes of your time…

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  • Worth 20 minutes of your time…
  • benv

    THe quote from this article (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/extra/hQjrjYaOMh/election-2019-battleground-aberdeenshire) below makes me facepalm. A guys reason for voting brexit, bold is mine, highlights what your video was saying about lack of wars since ww2, as if it’s saying well it’s fixed now so let’s tear apart the thing that kept it fixed all this time- what could possibly go wrong?

    Then, nearly two years later, there was another referendum to consider – this time on the UK’s membership of the European Union. He hadn’t thought much about the issue before, but it seemed the original aims of the European project – to bring peace and stability to the continent – had been met. The crisis in the Eurozone made him wonder what the point of it was in the current era.

    “You start thinking, ‘So it started out as something, but is it still serving that purpose to this day? The world we live in now, is that where we were when this bloc was formed?’ I think we live in a completely different time.”


    20 mins well spent… Thank you.

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    Finally got round to this.
    Good to put things in to perspective.

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    Really, really interesting. Thanks for posting.

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    really interesting wee film, thanks for posting

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