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    He didn’t let his wife get cold at home though…he bought her some firewood 😆

    Premier Icon molgrips

    I once went to a conference in the US when I was young and an inexperienced business traveller, in a big fancy hotel. This was in 2000, in the days of dial up internet.. well you can guess what’s coming. I had to log on to our office network to do a bit of work, and I may have done a tiny spot of surfing and chatting.. just a bit.

    Phone bill was $3,500.

    In fairness the call rate was ludicrous and I had no idea – I was probably only on for a few hours a day.


    Someone at work paid for their family summer holiday on theirs. Unfortunately for them it was spotted. As was the mini-golf at Xmas.


    my old boss showed me a fellow colleagues credit card statement and asked me not to do what this guy had done – entertaining clients at Spearmint Rhino, 850 quidish. good work is all i can say. and yes, he signed it off… well he was apparently out at the same venue the same night, cough, entertaining.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    £850 thats not in this guys league!!

    Thomson had pleaded not guilty to 145 charges of theft and deception relating to the alleged misuse.

    It was alleged he used the card to pay for prostitutes, pornographic movies and other personal expenses totalling more than $28,000.

    A large number of prosecution witnesses were called to give evidence at the trial, including HSU officials.

    A forensic accountant for Victoria Police testified that the money spent included almost $6,000 at a Sydney brothel.

    Gerard Curtin said the HSU’s accounting system recorded the brothel spending as “entertainment”, “teleconferencing” or national office meeting expenses.

    One prostitute who used the name Misty also revealed Thomson was a “regular client” who always had a glass of champagne waiting for her.


    I put a bill for some colonic irrigation (with my supervisors details) on a company credit card.

    Oh how we laughed 🙂

    Premier Icon kcal

    our CEO in the USA put, among other things, a water-bed on his company credit card. He was in Seattle, ex Microsoft exec. I’m sure there we questionable ‘bar’ visits as well.. To be fair, I suspect at the time that was pretty normal there. Just that it was run from Edinburgh and not quite the done thing /here/

    Premier Icon wonkey_donkey

    bloke at our place bought bottles of vodka on a regular basis from Bargain Booze! He was sacked.

    Same as the other bloke who spent £2500 in the bookies!

    Their plan for getting away with was to simply not submit claim forms – genius.


    Skimpy underwear for the wife….. 😳

    I did ask the MD of the company before purchase if it would be ok and I would pay for it as I wanted to keep it a secret from her… Didn’t explain WHAT I was buying though.


    Someone I worked with was caught out paying for services at a well known gay adult entertainment establishment in Amsterdam. He wasn’t even there on business.


    I found a way (by accident) that my expenses would not need to go through any senior people and would instead just be paid by an accounts department without further question. I later discovered that there was no itemisation either, just a figure. This was rather liberating 🙂


    Not me, but a field engineer at a place I used to work at decided to put ‘mucky video’ as the description for a film he paid for through hotel TV while away with work.
    Up until then, there had been no issue with field engineers who were often away on business watching a few films while on trips and putting it through the expenses.
    But, someone in the finance department complained that the company was paying for this bloke to watch grumble, so an announcement went out that from then on you could not claim for any hotel TV films, regardless of what they were.
    He wasn’t very popular amongst the frequent travellers!! He admitted that it wasn’t even a porn film, he just thought it would be funny to put it through like that and see if it got signed…


    A washing machine.
    Feel like a bit of an amateur in this company.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Sorry folks, you cannot beat the former CEO of the company I used to work for…


    Some highlights:
    he was convicted of misappropriating more than $400 million of Tyco’s corporate funds
    having had Tyco pay for his $30 million New York City apartment
    $1 million for his wife’s 40th birthday party on the Italian island of Sardinia. (claimed on company expenses)

    Now good buddies with Jah Rule in prison, so I’ve heard.
    But retains use of the company private jet when he gets out. Which is nice.

    Premier Icon johnikgriff

    We had a guy at a company I worked for many years ago. He was already on his 2nd written warning for something (he’d only been there 7or 8 months) and was about to get the bullet. He put a new £3.5k kitchen for his mum on his and did a runner. Ended up in court for it.


    £2500 in Stringfellows 2 weeks ago 😯

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    £2500 in Stringfellows 2 weeks ago

    IIRC I’ve heard it comes through on the statement as ‘Restaurants ltd’, so you should be ok 😉

    You filthy beast.


    I’ve heard it comes through on the statement as ‘Restaurants ltd’, so you should be ok

    Reminds me of the time my brother visited a similar establishment when rather drunk, paid for a few dances etc on his card and forgot all about it.

    A couple of weeks later, he saw this big bill and kicked off with his bank – it took a short and embarrassing call to be told that they recognised the anonymous-sounding company name and informed him that he’d been in Wildcats or whatever it was called. 🙂


    tomhoward – Member

    IIRC I’ve heard it comes through on the statement as ‘Restaurants ltd’, so you should be ok

    haha i can confirm it does indeed!


    OT, but I got called a waste of space by a stripper for refusing a private dance, apparently ‘because you look like my ex, only not as hot’ isn’t an acceptable answer for turning one down…


    OT, but I got called a waste of space by a stripper for refusing a private dance, apparently ‘because you look like my ex, only not as hot’ isn’t an acceptable answer for turning one down…

    Hah, I was called a ‘loser’ and ‘sad’ by one because I said I didn’t want a dance at all, I was just in the place with my mates who were partaking and that I was happily married and happy just having a beer at the bar.

    In fact, I can honestly say I have only ever had two lapdances in my entire life, one under immense peer pressure by my biking mates at a Christmas party (it was easier than continuing to say no), the other was paid for by a mate because he thought it would ‘turn’ me. They do seem the most pointless waste of time and money to me.


    Blimey, compared to that lot i haven’t even been trying.

    4 extra days tagged on to a work trip and a ticket to go up the tower in Pisa!

    14 pints of Stella while staying at a premier in. I was on my own. 😯

    Premier Icon wiggles

    Wait… Prostitutes take business credit cards as payments?

    Premier Icon simmy

    Chinese restaurant manchester.

    Well that’s what it says on the statement, more ” adult ” than that in reality 😉

    Premier Icon dannybgoode

    You need to work for a company that provides the prostitutes by way of a bonus:


    Premier Icon Speshpaul

    I know of “someone” whowas rather uncomfortable when a senior manager he was out drinking kept saying you pay for it on your card and i’ll sign it off!
    Thankfully i understand he had good/enjoyable memories the next morning.
    No memory could have been tricky:-)

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