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  • Worst ever airport stop over
  • Premier Icon P-Jay

    Worst was easily Oksaka, not because it’s a bad place, just because it was in my way. One sunny Monday Morning in Feb I woke up in Melborne, which isn’t a bad way to start a week, but I was half glum, half excited because after 10 months away I had decided the day before that today was the day I was going home (mild starvation and homelesness played a small part in that) so I brushed my teeth, said goodbye to the Church Vicar that was letting me doss in his hall and headed to the bus stop, boarded the bus and didn’t get off again for 18 hours when it reached Sydney, then a hiked across the city to the offices of the airline to beg them to rebook my flight, without payment – tricky, but it was okay, sort of, before I could ask they said they were very sorry, but my flight didn’t exist anymore… they didn’t fly that route anymore, it it was okay – they’d upgrade me to business for at least part of the trip if I could leave now “Yeah, by now, when do you mean” “now, now – can you get to the airport in 90 mins” “no sorry” “We’ll drive you”.

    My total trip was:

    Monday – 11am bus to Sydney arrived 5am Tuesday.
    9am Tuesday ANA Office to Airport for about 10:30.
    Boarded 11:30ish – flew to Brisbane about 5 hours I think.
    Left Brisbane at 7pm –
    Arrived Osaka 2am… Wednesday sat on the cold hard floor for 6 hours…
    Flew to Tokyo – 8am – it’s a 747 but it’s crammed with seats like I’ve never seen on another other airliner because it’s a commuter bus with wings – the flight time is less than an hour, it doesn’t ever ‘level off’ up and down again and if you look out of the window, you never really see where Osaka stops and where Tokyo starts.
    Arrived about 9am – at this point I’m exhausted, starving, dazed and confused and looking at a flight that doesn’t leave until 2pm – tomorrow? Have I got that right? But it’s okay, ANA are waiting for me – they’ve got me a hotel room, I’m sort of prying that it’s ‘full board’ because I’ve got 15c AUS to my name, to this day I’ve no idea if it was or not – but I walked into the resturant – pointed at a hotdog with lettce and sweetcorn on it and they gave it to me with a bow – more than eddible, I had 3 more. Then again at midday-ish and for dinner I had 2 hotdogs and a thing with noodles.
    Thursday at 2pm I started my last leg and finally touched down at 4am on Friday morning – only because of the time difference whilst it was 4am Friday to me, it was about 8pm in London and still thursday.

    My only plan to get home was a hastily sent e-mail to my best mate during the 5mins free Internet at an ‘internet terminal’ (this was 2000 kids, internet was a new thing and expensive) in Oksaka – he wasn’t able to pick me up as he was busy but he talked a bloke I hardly knew to pick me up – he was a sight for sore eyes! 4 hours later I knoced on my Mums door and asked to stay ha ha.

    I used to work internationally for 2 or 3 month stints, good money and I enjoyed the job & being in foreign climes.
    It was hanging around in airports that did me in the end.
    I now commute and work in Accrington every day – that’s how mind numbingly boring it was at times!

    Premier Icon RichPenny

    Heathrow December 2010. Basically terminal closed and a handful of flights leaving the day before ours was due to go.
    Pregnant Wife
    Me being offered a wheelchair due to back issues, could barely walk.
    -13 degrees.
    Honeymoon. To Australia.

    Sacked off after about 8 hour wait to find we’d been bumped off the flight.
    Left on honeymoon 10 days later.

    Premier Icon DavidB

    Tangiers. It was shut when we got there. Slept in a bush outside.

    Premier Icon slowoldman

    Belgrade. Diverted there from Pula before flying on to UK. Sat in the plane on a taxiway well away from the buildings. Armed police in evidence. WHY? No one said a dicky bird but we were aware the area was warming up for the Balkan war.

    Premier Icon benpinnick

    3 days in Nova Scotia on 9/11? Actually that was ok. The Canadians were amazingly welcoming. Probably my worst has been a typhoon in Hing Kong that meant a massive stay on airport couches, or maybe a layover in S Korea at the hotel Cherbourg, which I think is south Koreas version of Fawlty towers.

    Frankfurt for 1 hour. Take trainers if you have a connecting flight.

    Premier Icon arogers

    4 days in Montreal back in 2002. My ticket, booked with airmiles direct from KLM got lost in the post. They told me it would be fine and I just needed to go to the airport with my passport for the flight. The airport is 20+ miles from the city centre where I had been staying with my then girlfriend. I broke up with her before leaving for the airport. They wouldn’t allow me to board the plane, despite being able to see I had booked a seat and told me I would have to come back the following day when the ticket office was open. I spent my last money on a room at the airport hotel for the night. Then next day I was very rudely told by the obnoxious man on the ticket desk that I would need to get another ticket from KLM or buy a ticket for $2000. Due to the time difference the KLM ticket office in the Netherlands and the ticket desk in Montreal were never open at the same time. I had to go grovelling back to the poor girl I had just dumped for a place to sleep while I spent the next 2 days on the phone and bussing the 40miles back and forth to the airport sorting the mess out. I have refused to fly KLM ever since.

    Premier Icon wool

    Last week in Palma airport 12 hours in the very hot departure lounge with an 8 & 10 year old,Flight finally got cancelled so got put in a hotel with rooms that stank of sh*t. After more cancellations we finally arrived home at 5.30am Monday rather the the original predicted 7.00pm on the Sat. Still arguing with Easy Jet about all the extra costs that we ended forking out for.


    another one for Jakarta

    short stopover on the way to Australia became a 16 hour delay in the hole of a departure lounge

    hateful place

    Premier Icon gallowayboy

    Dhaka, Bangladesh for two days while Biman Bangladesh fixed the plane (it began decompressing soon after take off, condensation pouring from everywhere). Panic turnaround and landing. They put us up for two nights in a reasonable hotel, fed us, but two days, 10 hrs each, waiting in the non airconditioned terminal with limited facilities got a bit wearing. No visa’s, so we couldnt go far.
    When the plane was ready we had to walk/run about a mile over the concrete, then sit in the plane with our luggage on our knees for the two hours to Kathmandu. I’d still swap it for work though!
    La Guardia in NY when our internal flight was cancelled was horrid, and expensive. United airlines staff vanished minutes after the flight was cancelled, and NY was booked up that night. Ended up in a fortress like place in the Bronx, $300 for the night, $70 for taxis.


    Frankfurt for 1 hour. Bring trainees if you have a connecting flight

    Yeah that was never going to be fun. Shirt layovers are just silly.

    How ever my travel company have gone too far the other way and try to send us a flight early….6-10hours waiting ffs

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    You lot are worrying me… The next three weeks see me visiting a bunch of the places and airlines you mention…


    Frankfurt for 1 hour. Take trainers if you have a connecting flight.

    Yes Luftie like to keep you running at Frankfurt, don’t they?

    The best for transferring is Schiphol, at least you’re in the same building and it’s not a bad walk.

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