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  • bikemonkey

    Yes, quite an odd fear really.

    Several times lately, Harman has been a bit outspoken, and the media have claimed she is ‘jockeying for position’ or ‘putting herself in the frame’ to succeed Gordon Brown.

    It’ll be a cold day in hell before I vote for that harpie.

    She is symptomatic of the breed of Labout half-wit politicians who think the public need to be talked down too as we’re too thick to understand her clever ideas. There are several female Labour MPs who are so incompetant I can only assume they are they due to a lowering of standards to allow greater representation of women in government.

    What was it she said on Andrew Marr about Fred Goodwin’s pension:
    “It may stand in the court of law but not in the court of public opinion” WTF?

    Anyone else?

    She used too be a great principled politician but has been willing to ditch her principles for power.

    As you say – that quote is utter drivel.


    If I were FRed, I’d be rubing my hands with glee at that statement. Pension right, here we come!

    Christ, I had a good laugh when I heard that little gem on the news.

    The govt. has to resort to dim-witted indignation as legally it has no leg to stand on. If had a dog this stupid I would have it put down.

    I hope Goodwin’s remaining time on earth is utterly miserable and he dies in abject, long drawn out agony, the POS.

    FFS people, can you not realise that this whole thing (As approved by Lord Myners) is merely a smokescreen to distract us from the further £300 odd BILLION that Brown has spunked on the banks without any recourse to Parliament, without any chance for us to have our say through our elected representatives?

    Harperson is merely carrying on the quasi-dictator stance of the man she wishes to replace.

    yawn, Brown an unelected dictator? grow up!

    Premier Icon Coyote

    I think that WWJR sums things up rather nicely.

    He said “quasi-dictator”.

    I see ‘edjukshion, edjikashion, edgikashion’ has failed you too.


    It’ll be a cold day in hell before I vote for that harpie.

    You live in Peckham? That makes us almost neighbours, innit.

    Whatever happened to that nice Patricia Hewitt?

    Premier Icon Stoner

    Whatever happened to that nice Patricia Hewitt?

    Clarkson drove her and her caravan off a cliff in a fireball.
    I think.


    Yep, her and Jacqui Smith……oh dear. She doesn’t even know where she lives.

    Jacqui Smith – The unacceptable face of ultra-conservative Labour.

    (Damn, I’ll probably find myself on some government database for saying that).



    I’ve got this theory that when someone becomes home secretary, ‘the powers that be’ take said person into a room and either:

    [*]Replace them with an ultra-right wing ar*ehole doppelganger[/*]
    [*]Scare the living bejeesus out of them in some way to make them the aforementioned ultra-right wing ar*ehole.[/*]

    I think it started with ‘lets get me bits out to show how tough I am’ Howard in previous tory governments and taken up with great gusto in Nulab.

    Tossers, the lot of them. I am waiting for a new ‘terrorist’ law that makes it illegal to ride bikes. Anywhere.


    I hope Goodwin’s remaining time on earth is utterly miserable and he dies in abject, long drawn out agony, the POS

    Has he killed or raped anyone? Get a sense of proportion. His pension is based on his previous 10 years service where’s he’s probably taken some good decisions which are unfortunatley cancelled out by the daft one to buy ABS AMRO.

    Despite what you may think about the size of his remuneration and subsequent pension are we now to start clawing back the pensions of everyone who’s made a bad desision in their working lives- if so lets start with Culpability Brown

    Don’t think Brown will dig too deeply into that guys pension fund. It might start up some uncomfortable questions regarding his own very nice cushy pension fund, and if he argues that the people responsible for the downfall have their pensions taken off them then people might start knocking at his door.

    If I remember rightly the “people” were quite annoyed about politicians expenses and that was conveniently deflected – “Ooh look, a squirrel over there.”

    So anyway, hands up on here truthfully would give up their pensions/bonuses/high wages if asked by someone? I don’t like the guy, I think the pension he’s getting is madness but making a law up just to spite him is ridiculous.

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