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  • righty, still not sorted my clicking issue, im fairly certain now its either the rear mech itself or the lower jockey wheel

    its a click when climbing, basically any form of steep incline, road/off road, seated, standing, and generally seems worse in the two biggest out back (1×10)

    i had a new chain, new cassette and new narrow/wide race face ring fitted last week, this ticking/clicking has pretty much come since then

    the only thing ive not replaced is the jockey wheels, they are about 8 months old (hope ones) and the lower one is ALOT more worn than the upper one, the thing is it shifts pretty much perfectly and is skipping gears in the slightest, only thing is the clicking type noise im getting on every revolution climbing reminds me of a click type noise you would get from chain/gears being out of sync?

    when in the stand it doesnt sound overly smooth in the first 1-4 biggest gears, and every so often when just hand pedalling the cranks in the stand you see a slight jump in around the mech cage/lower wheel

    so before i splash the cash on either a new mech or jockey wheels, would it be plausable that the worn jockey wheel is causing a click?

    ive basically done absolutly everything now to erradicate this click, im sure its to do with the drivetrain this time at the back somewhere?

    any thoughts folks?


    Hope rear hub? Broken pawl springs?

    nope not a hope hub, would have been a first port of call if so, my wheels are only 3 weeks old or so, so cant see it being them


    if you’re seeing a slight jump, would suggest it’s either mech alignment, possibly b-tension screw (maybe new chain is not same length as old one) or, most likely, stiff link (yes, even from new).

    my 2p


    Is there much ‘waggle’ type play in the jockey wheels?

    Premier Icon whippersnapper

    I had a very worn lower jockey wheel that caused a very slight clicking and skipping. I scavenged a less worn jockey wheel from an old mech and it did indeed sort the problem. Maybe worth a go – any spare jockey wheels you can experiment with?

    mikolas – the actual cage itself does have a bit of play compared to a new one ive held in the lbs today

    whippersnapper – thats good to know, at least it is a possibility then lol, im sure its linked to the jockey wheel/ or rear mech somewhere as i didnt have this noise prior to fitting a new chain, ring and cassette! logic suggests its something to do with that somewhere and the jockey wheels are 9 months old and the lower one is well worn

    heres to hoping it cures it!

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    Have you double checked that the chain ring bolts & rear QR are properly done up?

    chain ring bolts is still a slight possibility! i cant get them mega tight as the back plate bit is spinning and the groove in the back is too narrow to use a tool on!

    the guys in the lbs, said that could well be the click given its not actually tightening fully – its tight and not loose by any stretch but its not tight and locked for some reason like it was before on a hope ring

    rear QR is maxle and tight and greased, had that before, not the same noise but cheers

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