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  • World record store day tomorrow
  • One participating shop near me – ‘Red Rose Records’ Boscombe.

    I quite fancy the Superchunk split e.p of Misfits covers.
    There’s a Deftones covers LP which looks fun too.


    Sadly the only record retailer within thirty miles is bloody HMV, which I’ve given up on as a source of anything reasonable quality or price wise. When I see an album I like the look of in the rack but is priced at £16, and Red Laser on my phone says I can get it online for £7.99, then it’s clear why they’ve effectively screwed the pooch.
    Anyhoo, there is apparently a decent shop in Frome that’s involved, but I shall be enjoying the live playing of a number of bands including Laura Marling tomorrow, so it’ll have to wait till next year.

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    Rich – I can’t make it but do both branches have a good supply of secondhand CD’s? I may be moving to somewhere not too far away from there!

    Count – what is Red Laser?


    Not sure CG, it’s possible. Well worth a visit anyway, the one in Frome is actually two shops and splits the vinyl and CD’s up. Not especially cheap but who cares. It’s the sort of place where you have to get on the floor to look at “Psych-folk A-G” i.e a REAL record shop 🙂

    CountZero, know what you mean. All we have left in Salisbury is HMV, and I’d rather pay £10 on the train to go to Frome…


    was in HMV the other day, been looking for a track for some time, asked the question not holding out much hope as I didnt know the name of the band or the song, just the tag line and it was released sometime in the early 90’s. 5 minutes later bloke came back with all the info on the band and the track and what album it was from and offered to oder me up a copy….best customer service I have had in a long time so much respect for HMV northampton 😀


    Will be making a pilgrimage to my favourite local record shop tomorrow to mark the occasion and buy some new stuff:

    Raves from the grave

    At one heady point my town had 4 decent shops, now I have to travel further afield for one of lifes little exquisite moments; that of finding something something you’d totally forgotten about but know instinctively will sound great.

    Any recommendations as to what I should buy? I normally walk out with a straining back and a second mortgage 😉


    As a Salisbury local you must remember Stand Out!

    I used to love that place, I’d get the train from Andover a couple of times per month to shop there.


    Closed last year IIRC 🙁 Did see the owner walking thru town this week. My favourite was Solo. Absolutely the most random mix of stuff, but you’d always find something interesting.

    Yeah, Solo on the approach road to the cathedral square. Good little shop, part of a West Country/South Coast mini chain as I recall.

    Stand Out had a fantastic range of punk and hardcore, as a 14 year old it was also the place to go for purple Doc Martens and Pop Will Eat Itself tee shirts!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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