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  • World Book Day 2022 – Books For Cyclists
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    World Book Day 2022 is here to share the love of books with children and adults worldwide. Being in print for over 20 years, Singletrack World sees ev …

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    World Book Day 2022 – Books For Cyclists

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    A Dog in a Hat.
    Admittedly roadie oriented, but one of the most memorable cycling books I’ve read. Joe Parkin’s memoir of being one of the first U.S. pro racers to relocate to Europe, and all the shenanigans that went on with that.

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    Let my people go surfing, by the legend that is Yvon Chouinard. A book that kicked off my sustainable thinkings whilst a student (admittedly having picked it up in the outdoor shop I was working in thinking it was just about big wall climbing…).

    Ooh, and Feed Zone Portables for tasty cycling nutrition.

    Premier Icon Woo
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    Long out of print but sometimes found on second hand book websites, the books of Albert Winstanley are wonderful. An early member of the RSF And a cycle tourist long past his 70s he writes of gentler times.

    Premier Icon csb
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    The most inspiring book I always return to is Stephen Lord’s Adventure Cycle Touring Handbook. Old school, epic, keeping it real etc.

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    These are all less sport orientated…

    Currently working through Two Years on a Bike, you can watch the guy talking through the book with some video here, great house build videos on that channel too.

    Also reading curbing traffic
    Curbing Traffic

    Can I plug a book I wrote/photographed last year about bike lanes?

    Bike Lanes

    Premier Icon bigblackshed
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    Let my people go surfing, by the legend that is Yvon Chouinard.

    Very good book.


    What Goes Around & Where There’s A Will, both by Emily Chappell.

    Premier Icon ampthill
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    Rather boring and obvious but Racing Through The Dark by David Miller

    Not just the drugs and self searching. How badly organised was pro cycling

    Premier Icon adamsmith
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    Endless perfect circles – Ian Walker

    If endurance is your thing, blown away by how good he is when he’s been doing it for such a short time.

    Quite a few good books about the tour divide, can’t remember them though. Google will remember if your interested. One of Guy Martins books had his account of his epic effort on the tour divide. Worth a read.

    Premier Icon pondo
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    Faster, by Dr Hutch – really, any of his books, they’re masterclasses in wry self-deprecation and very funny. 🙂

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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