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  • Workout for a weed
  • ossify

    I am sadly unfit and want to do something about it.

    Can someone recommend a good, short (say 15m max) workout I can do each day? Something helpful for mountain biking especially.

    Specifics of “sadly unfit”:
    Bad back, mainly lower back and sore/stiff muscles across the shoulder blades
    Feeble core (just tried a plank – was shaking by 25 seconds and gave up at 30 😳 )
    Not much stamina
    Strength in general, not so worried about leg muscles though as the solution for that is just ride more!

    I’m not overweight, just feeble and weedy 😛


    Premier Icon xora

    Get on your bike 🙂


    But it’s all wet and cold like 😛

    Seriously though I just don’t have enough time to ride as much as I’d like. I need something else, not least so that I am fit enough to properly enjoy it when I do get out for a decent ride!

    Premier Icon sandwicheater

    Stalk one of the big hitters off here. The constant lurking, jumping from bush to bush and trudging from bakery to bakery is an excellent way to get fit.


    Do some circuits at home. Push ups for one minute, burpees, sit ups etc.

    There are decent apps around for it. 7 minutes is one of them which might help you to start out well.


    Stick with the planking. It is hard at first but does wonders to your core which compliments other excersizes and will help with lower back pain too.

    In 15 mins you could do some stretches, yoga, planks, Press ups, crunches, Squats. And stretches at the end too. After a few weeks try adding in some light shoulder presses too.

    Premier Icon CheesybeanZ

    Why only 15 minutes ? I think the short Insanity workout is 25 mins .


    Go get a turbo and come join the Zwift lot 🙂 Probably won’t solve your core issues hugely, you can always have a crafty plank afterwards.


    There are some good core yoga workouts on Vimeo that take about 10-15 minutes, or have a look on youtube. It’s worth persevering with core stuff cos it’ll probably sort your back problems out (at least it did with me.)

    edit- bird dog for your back

    dead bug for your front

    and plank, for misery, obvs 😀

    Premier Icon Northwind

    CheesybeanZ – Member

    Why only 15 minutes ? I think the short Insanity workout is 25 mins .

    Though with something like that you need to take into account recovery time too! If 15 minutes is what you’ve got, all-in, then you can’t be doing anything that destroys you.


    I’ve been enjoying Lannister, Power Abs, Iron Maiden, Crop Top and Upper Body Forge.

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