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    If you want to work long hours then do so, but don’t complain about it. I choose to work shorter hours which means low wage rises and no promotion. I still work enough to give me an okay standard of living, and to pay for my bike bits, but beyond that there are far more important things in life than sitting in he office.

    Those important things aren’t just riding my bike. There’s time spent with family and friends too and stuff like that. And of course the time I waste on here, but that’s another story.

    I make less money now but am far, far happier, and to me that’s more important than any job.

    This x1000

    It seems we’ve turned into a nation of Stoical workaholics, Martyrs to the timesheet, a strange sort of modern “Virtue” is perceived in working long hours at the expense of relationships, and personal health…

    I enjoy my job but it’s become less and less of a priority over the last year, I have colleagues who are about he same age and climbing further and further up the greasy pole, but that seems to mean 50+ hour weeks, Stress (up to a certain pay grade), barely seeing your kids and not having much/any time for hobbies/sport etc…

    I’m sort of aware that a few think I’m maybe not quite living up to my potential, but if doing so costs time with my kids, or time on the bike then sorry but **** that!
    I’ve not exceeded a 40 hour week since November and I don’t plan to anytime soon, I’ve had the dubious pleasure of doing long hours and being away from home all the time and I didn’t enjoy it…

    Having skimmed this thread last night, rather than waste more of my life online, I went for a night ride on my SS, having a simple robust bike and riding kit ready at a moments notice makes all the difference IME, and commuting helps a lot if you can, I’m a nicer person to be around when I’ve been riding regularly, even if its dark and cold (not my preference, but needs must)…

    I am a relatively happy person for it all, even in the shitty depths of winter the old SADS barely touches me, but it definitely affects my Missus and she just loves having Captain positive knocking about.
    I keep trying to gently bully her into going to the Gym, for a run, for a bike ride, etc but the weather is apparently the major deterrent, once she gets out and does something the change in mood and outlook is stunning…

    But it’s that first bit, especially this time of year, getting yourself out the door, you kind of have to say “bollocks to everything I need a few hours for myself” the world doesn’t end if you take a Morning, Afternoon or even an Evening, it helps if someone else sort of gives you permission, and promises to take up the slack while you’re out…

    All IMO of course…


    I wouldn’t feel guilty about not going out, bloody hell, the weather we’ve been having gives me no motivation to ride mtb at all, the thought of getting cold & wet, then having to clean the bike (in the cold), dry the kit out, etc etc, so find something else productive, or fun to do with your time. Make something, read a book, listen to music, fettle stuff, just do anything that doesn’t make you feel like you’ve wasted time you could have been on the bike.

    I sometimes feel bad amount the amount I spend upgrading/altering my bikes and then not riding them, but come the summer I’ll be out on them a lot, and I won’t feel bad because they’re orsumz now bro…..

    I work 37 hours a week, flexi, so that’s nice. But outside of work, I have 2 grandparents in hospital, a nephew I need to see more, parents broke up last year, a house to run, a bathroom to re-fit, 2 cars that need a fair bit of attention, a woodburner to feed, and after this weekend, for the next 2 months, about 650 ewes to lamb on the girlfriend’s family farm, which we live on – so will be spending an hour or 2 most evenings, and probably a day a weekend helping out.

    It doesn’t feel great at the moment, I’d much rather be out on the bikes I’ve spent so much on (for me) and doing my own thing, but I know that I’ve still got it better than a lot of people and things could be a lot worse, my time will come and I’ll get things sorted by the summmer so that I can do what I like!

    Am getting pressure of the OH with being out every evening at the moment mind you, but it’ll soon turn around once I’m spending my evenings elbow deep in sheep.


    Agreed with all above, if you don’t feel like riding then don’t. Nothing to feel guilty about.

    But if you do beat yourself up about not going out then book yourself a few dates to do so. Either meeting friends locally or a longer ride that needs some training for.

    Lastly, it isn’t about having time but about prioritizing the time we do have. How many hours a day do we all spend watching telly, using social media etc. That could be time spent riding if we wanted to.


    it’ll soon turn around once I’m spending my evenings elbow deep in sheep.

    one of the best lines i’ve read in a while 😆

    Premier Icon 19ninety

    Work/Life balance is hard going, with commuting that takes up 52+ hrs a week + OT. I work full time, missus is full time Mum but she (with some help from me) has set up her own business and so work some evenings & weekends.
    Its normally 8pm before I even think about chores after doing my daughters bedtime.
    I aim to ride 2 – 3 times a week on the turbo trainer in the garage, which takes up another hour after faffing and getting out there, etc.
    Then there’s weekends … all I want to do is get out on the bike and get away from a shite week at work … not that simple though. We try and have a family day and the other day is for cycling, garden, chores, shopping etc, etc … etc.
    I feel bad about going out for 4 or 5 hours at the weekend riding 🙁 I enjoy it though 🙂 (the riding, not the feeling bad bit … that would be a bit weird…)


    We both have very busy jobs and two young kids. The week is manic most of the time and the weekends time for family, kids’ activities etc and jobs. Last year I had it great, 8 months training up to LEJOG in July, wonderful supportive family. We have families close by for help with kids which is great. But I’ve been off now for 2.5 weeks caring for my wife who had a major op for breast cancer two weeks ago yesterday and I’ve never been so busy. My work have been fabulous I have to say but I’m hoping to get back in to it next week. I’ve set the turbo up in the lounge to get some exercise in too.

    You’ve got to find your own balance between work and life, but I know mine is tipped as far to the “life” side as I can get. There are other factors to consider than me getting out on my bike, and I have to fit that in around my family, which is getting easier as the kids get older.

    But I don’t beat myself up about not getting out. I have a short cummute each day of the week that helps to top up my natural levels of fitness, but I’ll sometimes go for a couple of weeks without riding for pleasure, depending on available time, weather and mood.

    Motivation can be hard in the winter, especially this year, so I’ve been trying to fit in a few shorter rides, cross training, and have even bought some lights despite being totally disinterested in night riding in the past. Basically, doing some different rides has helped. You could also consider setting a challenge; entering an event to give you a goal and an incentive to get out on the bike. I’m using a wee ride over 3 little hills in Yorkshire at the end of September for encouragement at the moment 🙂

    Van Halen

    i`ve been out for maybe 2 proper rides since xmas.

    i`ve even resorted to teh road on teh commute for the most part and i wimped out at the sight of teh horizontal monsoon starting this morning.

    i need some fun.


    Would it be a good idea do a early morning ride when I’m on lates 1330 to 2130 say an hour from 0600 till 0700 or keep to my lie in?


    Lie in?

    You’re grumbling about not having time to ride but you have a lie in?

    When I did lates and earlies I got up 2 times a week at 5:00 and did an hour on the way to work before my early shift, then did at least 2 hours before a late.

    You don’t really seem to be trying very hard!

    Premier Icon chrispuppet

    Surely SAD would be got rid of by riding? Exercise is a great way to feel better. Either way I would say most people go out less this time of year, I have not been out for weeks, just sorting out my SS so that I can get some miles in, tomorrow looks good…..

    Definitely don’t be too down about it all, it’s just stopped raining


    Last year was very bus -prepping the old house to be sold, packing, moving, getting the new house into some sort of order, full time work with odd hours, two kids under six…. So, of late I’ve not done much riding. I’m feeling an urge to get back on ASAP just as soon as this monsoon weather disappears. I’ve moved around the corner froma couple of riding mates so things will be getting easier come the spring.


    I’m gonna try it. I’m on a late tomoz, then early Monday then late Tuesday. So do a hours ride on the morning of my lates.


    I’m gonna try it.


    Don’t ‘try’ it, bloody well do it!

    The best advice about training and riding I’ve ever had was from the father of a cycling mate; he said that if you don’t do it now, and do it properly, you’ll wake up one day and be 50 odd years old and you’ll wonder why you wasted so much time.

    Life isn’t going to wait for you to get out of bed!


    The only thing is I seem to get fatigued really easy. Had loads of bloods and various tests done and came to the conclusion I have SAD during the winter and was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism. Thats why I seem to sleep alot. And your right life is short and I dont want to waste it.

    Premier Icon tenfoot

    Do that early morning ride. You’ll feel good about yourself all day.

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