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  • Working in Oz – take the bikes or and buy there?
  • Frankenstein
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    Have you taken a bike to Oz?

    Or just sell here and buy there?

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    I took two to a race there, Virgin had the best baggage allowance (one as luggage 23kg, plus one piece of sports equipment, 23kg) I upped both to 32kg for about £150 return IIRC.
    For that price just take yours, you know you like it and you know it works.

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    I haven’t compared prices (if that matters) but suspect they may be cheaper in the uk. Second hand prices in Oz for most things seem high, and of course bikes are bonkers now. Most models come with air conditioning as standard though 😉

    Of course you can just use it as an excuse to get new bikes.

    How long and whereabouts? That may make a difference.

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    If you dont you’ll be forced to buy, then the return trip you’ll still have to pay out to get the new ones back.

    Plus theres no guarantee you’ll get exactly what you want and might have to wait. What you get you might not like. Stick to the bikes you like and know then theres no surprises, and you’ll save a lot of money.

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    Not that I’ve ever done it, but I do hear from those that have, you might need to budget for new tyres. Slightest spec of mid/earth on them and they’re not getting in.

    How good are you at detailing the bike?

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    I did this 9 months ago – 1 on the plane with me, 1 in sea freight and 1 sold.

    I didn’t get new tyres like everyone suggests or in reality even that good a job of cleaning as all my other stuff was in storage or sold and had no bother from biosecurity on entry (perhaps they were more bothered by covid at the time)

    There is pretty good second hand availability of road bikes, not so much for gravel bikes, but stock is hitting the shelves again.

    Assuming you’ll be there for a while, the other thing to think about is if the riding in Australia will match with the riding your current bike is used for back home (I sold and re bought and am glad)

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    I took my MTB to Oz a few years back. Washed it very thoroughly in the shower prior to the trip. Customs were very impressed as they are tight on potential bio risks entering the country.

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    I’ve done both. It used to be that you could take a bike there and sell it for the same amount or more due to the higher new prices there. Not sure if that’s still the case. I know they’ve closed the tax-free loophole on mail order though. These days, I’d take a bike. Would be hard-pushed to decide between a MTB and a gravel bike though. Perhaps might depend on destination.

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    I’ll go without the bike and I’ll be back to the U.K. once I know if I want to stay permanently or run home to the U.K.

    Once I’m back in the U.K. and decide to move; I’ll sell the other bikes and keep one to freight it in with my other gear.

    Not sure I’ll stay in Oz as friends and family relationships are here in the U.K.

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    Which bit of Oz? Lot less chocie of brands out in some places. Perth pretty much felt like Giant / Santa Cruz sometimes!

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    130mm trail bike for 99% of everything.

    No rights of way so it’s all built single-track

    We’ve had the internet for over five years now, and can get all the direct order brands easy.

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    Depends where you are heading to I suppose and the type of riding you prefer.

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