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  • notlocal

    A.T. I.T. A member of the great unwashed feigning illness.

    MUP – Managing Under Performance
    DAP – Development Action Plan
    PIP – Personal Improvement Plan

    Its a joke, every year there is a new name/process for those deemed to be dragging their heels. Loads more but I can’t remember them!

    I prefer ‘poor performer’. After one of my colleagues was on the receiving end from the manager he changed his voicemail to ‘poor performer’ and insisted on answering his phone this way whether it was a business, customer or personal caller 🙂

    Drill down to find the root cause of the issue.


    After weeks of requesting urgent spares we got a email saying we need to send a weekly esasserep. Our reply was along the lines of wtf and just send the shit we asked for.


    My favourite is “I don’t have visibility on that right now”. Sounds so much more impressive than “I don’t know”.

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    Oh, incidentally- diarise is a perfectly cromulent word.


    Podger is one that gets used a lot. Ideally a King Dick one.

    The acronym for this gets used quite a bit. “Fundamental Unusability Consequent to Kinetic Energy Deformation”. Ie somebody’s dropped it out the roof.

Viewing 8 posts - 41 through 48 (of 48 total)

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