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    Evening all,

    Trying to figure the best route for the Mrs Offroading, she has a new job to go to ASAP.

    Leaving old job because they are messing her about, unpaid at times etc etc. She has no contract so nothing regarding how much notice to give. I think she should only give a weeks notice but she needs a reference from them and therefore thinks doing a full months notice is the only way to leave on a good note.

    Thoughts ?

    Premier Icon somouk

    If there is no notice period officially then she needs to discuss it with her employer. See what they offer and negotiate from there.


    No Contract? Give them a week tops I would say.

    Get her to discuss it with her boss. They may just let her walk out the door there and then but if not she should stick to only giving them a week. Why stay another month doing a job where you get messed about?


    Yeah no contract, nothing!

    Her line of thought is she is paid monthly and must then give a months notice, first time I’ve heard of it.

    Another thing, she is paid the 25th of the month or the Friday closest.

    I am correct in thinking that pay will be for the 3 weeks of that month and the last week of the previous month ? They wont be paying her on the 25th hoping she works the rest of the month etc etc right ?

    They wont be paying her on the 25th hoping she works the rest of the month etc etc right ?

    That’s more than likely just a convenient date to process staff pay and will be pay for the whole month.


    To follow this up….

    Mrs Offroading handed in notice the 21st giving a weeks notice that she would finish the 29th.

    As of today she still hasn’t been paid 😐

    Any advice ?

    Premier Icon tthew

    Well, first off she’s got to contact HR, (or whoever does that function if it’s a small firm) and find out what’s going on.

    Is she scared of her employer? Seems strange that this is the organ used ponder the workings of a company employment policy. They do sound like a bunch of wazzocks to be fair.


    Does she really need a reference if she has got the other job?

    Go into the business and cause damage to the amount that she is owed. simples.

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    She’s going, I believe a tribunal notice for unpaid wages or similar should be served on the employer.


    If there is no written contract of employment then there is still a contract in place between the two parties on the basis that they are getting paid – once they have worked for one month, then the employee must give at least one weeks notice (the statutory minimum for employees) –

    If they are not paying at all for work undertaken, then I’d speak to your union rep (but I’m guessing that Mrs Offroading isn’t a union member) then the CAB, then ACAS.

    Given that there is no contract of employment, then it returns to statutory minimums, and whilst their might have been get outs for the employer in a contract of employment, there is no such thing in the statutory minimums, and she is owed everything up to the day she left – they don’t have a leg to stand on – if they had only issued a contract of employment, then they potentially would have.

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    No contract? Dodgy pay? Just go.

    You’ll struggle to actually get a proper reference out of anyone these days, particularly an employer, (as apposed to a mentor / manager / colleague) as the future employer can, in theory, use that against your previous if you don’t perform.

    slightly o/t: My o/h works in payroll for the Identical Blue Men. They pay over a month in advance and so have an odd problem that people, when they leave, have a habit of just walking out of the door, not saying a word and aren’t heard from again. Their HR team supposedly have procedures to deal with this where they set up investigations, try and reach out to the leaver, do all the duty of care stuff you’re meant to. Assuming the leaver has no contact with HR throughout this process they continue to receive full pay. This can run for three months or so until they finally run their termination routines, at which point they simply close the case. Tiz bonkers.


    paid in advance? wow. I want


    Thames Valley Police used to (might still) get paid 2 weeks in advance, 2 weeks in arrears – no idea how the anomaly came about, but they were looking at fixing it when I temped for them in 2004/5

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