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  • Work Life Balance and the Credit Crunch Compromise?
  • Sorry for the Daily Wail headline but it has been a long day.

    Who here has found themselves doing things for work that they wouldn;t normally do because of ‘the economic climate’?

    I’ll start you will my shame.

    Work 1: Told last week that 50% of my team were being made redundent. There are 2 of us. We have the consultation meetings last Friday where we are both told the same thing – we don’t want to lose either but someone hase to go so we will come up with some criteria during the next week and sack who ever fits least.

    Life 1: Wife has a simple day surgery procedure brought forward at short notice and jumps at the chance to get it out of the way so accepts.

    Work 2: Wife hospital visit clashes with 2 meetings I have in Germany. I am only there for the day, leaving about 5am and back at 11pm.

    Normality : I webex one meeting and get the other guy in the team to cover the meeting that needs an on site presence.

    Compromise : Wife says that it is a simple procedure and someone else can pick her up and drop her home without a problem. We have people who can stay with her all night or until I get home so she will never be alone. I know she is only saying this because of the current situation but I go to Germanhy anyway.

    Result : I have two great meetings with very positive outcomes, one likely to pay dividends in weeks rather than months. Wife has operation and is kept in overnight because she is suffering more pain that is normal. I get land and pick up some texts telling me this. I send a couple of I love yous. I get home at 11:15pm and can do nothing until the morning. I can’t sleep so have a couple of beers and end up on STW.

    I **** hate having external worries affecting my behaviour. It never works out right and I always regret it.


    Premier Icon Andy

    Yeah its like being a witness watching one own life whiz by and nothing can be done!

    Horrible job situation. Hope Mrs WCA makes a speedy recovery. Enjoy your beer. I had a bastard stress day as well so school night glass or two of red for me!

    Premier Icon NZCol

    See the stress thread !

    NZCol – Yeah, spotted that after I posted this. There is another one about the same shite. Looks like a trend.

    Andy – Wife should be okay, apparently a bit woozy and painful after the operation but this is from the receptionist who spoke to the nurse on the ward who had spoken to the doctor earlier, or maybe another nurse. The joys of **** private health care. In the NHS I just walk in through A&E, they all know me and let me visit who ever I need to in the hospital*.

    *Take a box of mini doughnuts with you when you go to A&E at the weekend. Give one to the receptionist, one to the triage nurse and proimise to leave the box behind when you are seen and you get really good service.


    Give my love to Mrs WCA, and I wish you both all the best, mate.

    My postman has been a bit concerned about postcards that have been turning up from various places, like Frankfurt, for example. Mumbled something about sending obscene material through the post…

    Hi Rudeboy, you still up?

    MrsWCA should be fine but I will pass on the message.

    You nearly got a postcard from an orphanage in Hanover today but I didn’t get a chance to stop for long enough. Did Io mention that I have been up since 4:15am?


    I’d go to bed if I were you, mate. You’ll be useful to neither man nor beast, without adequate sleep.

    Ophanage in Hanover…

    My postie probbly already thinks I’m an utter bastard, fathering children all over Yerp, and abandoning the mothers…

    I **** al use when I sleep eithewr 😉

    Why would your postman think strange things about you? Have you checked your parents mail recently?

    Just finish the last couple of Leffe


    I’m finishing off this can, then I’m turning in meself.


    found themselves doing things for work that they wouldn;t normally do because of ‘the economic climate’?

    Yeah but I don’t like the taste.

    grizzly – taste of **** is really bad when you are feeding yourself, I agree

    Cleaned, shaved and the house tidied. time to see how she is. By All.

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