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  • Work have recently moved to a new building which is very nice and has lots of cycle storage. In fact, if anything we have too much cycle storage! 100 car parking spaces and 50 cycle spaces for 150 staff (do companies get some sort of kick back for having so many ‘green’ spaces?)

    Anyway – the bike racks are a load of metal hoops bolted into the ground, the only thing is, they are all bolted down with 4 standard hex bolts by the looks of it. Surely there’s a more secure way? No matter what locks I use surely any semi-competent thief will just unbolt the hoop, walk off with the bike and deal with the locks in private?!


    Take a angle grinder to work and skim the heads.. 🙂

    Or.. Just round off the bolts and then just us you space..

    Is it behind gates, CCTV?. Are the loops all on a long rail?

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    What you need is a worse bike. The spot I lock my bike in isn’t that secure, much like you describe (one of the lock bars fell off the wall earlier this year, barely held on) but the bike’s old and hammerited, and is usually parked between a load of carbon fibre ego chariots so really the only reason I need to lock it is so that pissed student doesn’t ride it into the loch


    do companies get some sort of kick back for having so many ‘green’ spaces?

    No they get planning permission more easily as they don’t have to find the room for more parking.

    We’ve just moved into a brand new unit. We have a covered shelter with bolted down rails which is well lit and covered my monitored cctv. My bike which gets me to work off road everyday and is constantly wet and covered in mud comes inside with me. As our office space isn’t finished it sits in the warehouse right next to where my desk is currently crammed. I do cover it though so the boss doesn’t get covered in mud every time he has to squeeze past it to get to his desk. No one has suggested I lock it up outside – I think they know the answer they’d get. 🙂


    how about some JB weld (cold weld) between the bolt heads and the rail while also shaping/smoothing off the bolt head at the same time with it?

    I’ve already been specifically told to keep it outside in the allotted spaces. No problem with that as long as it’s reasonably secure.

    My bike isn’t too flashy, an old kona frame with a few modern bits and pieces on it. It looks a bit lonely on its own in such a large storage area – no bling bike camouflage for it!


    Replace the bolts with tamper proof ones..


    knock ball bearings into the hex bolt holes.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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