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  • WordShark for home use
  • jimfrandisco
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    We’ve been recommended WordShark for our dyslexic lad (8yr). His school don’t use it currently, although I’m hoping they will, so I’m looking at the home edition.
    I’m reluctant as the home edition is just a single user license download, which you have to deactivate to move to another machine, or it’s on a USB.
    Both ways seem pretty old school for software and my concern is that download/USB only means it’ll get dated quickly.

    Anyone any experience with it? Either online through school or download for home.

    Much appreciated


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    My wife is a specialist tutor for dyslexic kids and uses Wordshark extensively. She rates it very highly for teaching tricks through games to help kids understand word phonic patterns and therefore how words are spelt. She says the kids find it fun too, so it doesn’t seem like learning. I wouldnt worry about it getting dated as most of it is building a set of fundamentals, and you can add your own word lists to customise to  match those your kid struggles with.

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    Sounds like it’s definitely worth giving it a go – Thanks for that feedback.
    So far it’s not been too bad, but from Yr 4 school starts to acclerate considerably and he’s definitely starting to struggle.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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