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    I have a document I’m working on in landscape A3 format and I can’t get the Save As/ pdf to print it as a complete document, it cuts the text/ images off at what appears to be A4 within the landscape A3 format. Is there a way to get full A3 pdf generated within Word rather than using an external pdf generator?



    I know it’s a 3rd party app but if it works …


    Thanks, I’m already using CutePDF which is gives a perfectly reasonable pdf document, but I would like if possible to keep the Word index links in as it makes it easier for my client to navigate the document.

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    Seems to work for me, A3, landscape, save as pdf. Word 2010 in Windows 7.

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    Printer driver paper size / Word page size mismatch? </randomguess>

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    I’ve never had a problem
    Try setting the default printer properties to the correct size / format.

    That is what is needed on excel iirc so maybe it will help on Word.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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