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  • Premier Icon molgrips

    Set out to do a 5km today but I also needed the cash machine, so I ran there (about half way) spent a couple of minutes looking for the machine with the clock paused and ran back. My time for the 5km was 22m33s which is 7m15m miles! Ok so there was a stop in the middle of it.. but my fastest mile was an amazing 6m27! And that was at the end of the run too!

    Really absolutely chuffed to bits about this! I didn’t even think this was possible for me at all, never mind so early on…

    Nice one Mol! Depending on the splits, and if you could shorten the break to 30 secs… we’ll make a Marine of you yet.

    Premier Icon somouk

    That’s good going, several minutes quicker than I normally do a 5k!


    Nice one, glad you are enjoying your running. I used to get hung up on times and distance but have liberated myself from the stop watch. It’s just great to go out and run for the sake of it, run hard when you feel good and chill when you have to. Hit some obstacles such as fallen trees and ditch jumps to spice it up, this will also develop explosive power and balance, its great fun too. Keep it up, its a great sport.

    Mary Hinge

    Well speedy.

    I did a 22:24 in a 5k race recently and was well happy, so you can proper puff yer chest out doing that on “just a run to the bank”.

    I’ll be running to the bank tomorrow too, but it’s over 5 miles away and I’ll be taking the long way back. So that’ll be 2hrs in the cold 🙂


    Ok so there was a stop in the middle of it..

    Don’t worry, I think they do the same in the Olympics. Mo Farah always loses time trying to remember his pin number.

    Excellent molgrips…..you are becoming a runner!!!
    Don’t forget us cyclists when you do!

    Mo Farah always loses time trying to remember his pin number.

    Proper LOL

    Premier Icon molgrips

    I felt pretty good really – I’d have done a good time without the break probably. The 1.8 miles to the casher came up remarkably easily and I was feeling good. I did have the knee issue though just after 5km which is annoying.. ,but less severe than before. Working on it still.

    Spando – I know what you mean about the stopwatch, but for me now it’s all about the times because I am not at all a natural distance runner. I’m only doing it because I want to be able to do it – personal satisfaction. My inclination is to sprint – if I went out for the hell of it I’d run a few lots of 200m flat out then go home 🙂

    After a few years of regular running once I am used to it I might include some more fun projects like maybe ultramarathons or fell marathons or something.

    Thanks for the encouraging words folks 🙂 Beaming with pride 🙂

    I’d say you did your fast mile too fast, and that you’re not very safety concious on the net.

    Premier Icon maxray

    Fair play! Can’t imagine running it that quick.

    Route says a lot.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    I’m not very safety conscious? I haven’t revealed where I live…

    SbZ what does it say? Flat route? Yes, that’s why it seems quick to me cos my usual route is hilly.

    I’ll facebook you.

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