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    Does anyone have experience of organising one of these? Sounds so much better than a ghastly service at the local crem/cemetary. Strictly non-religious and no waffle from an unknown person.

    Apologies for subject, I know it’s not British to talk about this sort of thing 😳

    Thank you so much.

    I am sure I can arrange a large fire in the woods and don’t have too many scruples but for a more sensible answer I suspect Google is a better start


    Burials are really difficult to do unless its a specified site. there are woodland gravesites around tho http://www.woodlandburials.co.uk/

    Scattering ashes is easier but still sometimes has consequences. For example my grandad want his ashes to go in the clyde. We tried to get permission to do it and couldn’t – so in the end we tipped the ashes in off the side of a ferry when no ne was looking.

    Some of the popular mountain tops have had so much human ash scatterd on them that it has altered the soil structure. In places such as that with a delicate ecosystem a symbolic pinch of ashes might be better.

    My Grans ashes were scattered on the Wrekin – we drank champagne and threw them (her request)- the wind changed and blew the ashes into the glasses!

    My dad is going on Ben Alder as ashes, my mum on the Wrekin as ashes. Fortunatly she has changed her mind from being composted – as how on earth could I get the body minced for effective composting!

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    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    Hello WCA! Can’t be many trees left in the wood the way you wave that axe around!!

    Just really wanted to hear from folk that have had experience of this. I know it’s a dismal subject but we should be able to talk about this stuff in the 21st century.


    For example my grandad want his ashes to go in the clyde. We tried to get permission to do it and couldn’t – so in the end we tipped the ashes in off the side of a ferry when no ne was looking.

    Being denied permission beggars belief, but why on earth did you ask?


    Poindexter – we wanted to charter a boat and have a service on it. Human ashes are dangerous waste or something. It would be OK outside of territorial waters.


    Not organised but took part in. (A friend, late 40s, liver cancer)
    Yes, it was very pretty but not a vast improvement over a humanist service at a Quaker / Friends Meeting House followed by a burial in a local graveyard. It’s more to do with the speakers than the location, I think.

    for what it’s worth, I believe that that green burials are much more expensive than the local council’s cemeteries.

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    There’s one of those burial sites near Butser Hill (the other side of QE Park).. I once followed some cheeky singletrack and ended up in amongst it 😳

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    I stood on someone’s ashes the other week on Flamborough head. Somebody had laid them out in the shape of a cross near the edge of the cliff where people stand to admire the view. I didn’t realise i was doing it ’til my girlfriend pointed it out.

    I feel like I’m being watched all the time now…..


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    Thanks for the replies and links. I just feel it’s important to do something meaningful and not have a speaker who had never met the deceased. So if words have to be said they should be said sincerely.

    I have been to several humanist services and was very impressed with one youngish chap, and his reasons for doing that job, but just feel it’s wrong.

    Dez – I have been reading about that place! Trust you though!

    I have also come across (when riding naturally) a lovely little place in the middle of nowhere. That is quite appealing.

    When my dog died, my family had a little service and we scattered her ashes in an area where she had so many happy walks.

    TJ – it does help to have wishes known and a Scottish mountain sounds very moving.


    You don’t have to have a religious service at a crematorium. You can organise whoever you want. At my Mother’s service two family members and a family friend spoke. It wasn’t in any way religious. Of course you rely on family and friends being up to the job – I wasn’t in a state to speak.

    Her ashes were scattered on a Scottish mountain.


    There a ‘woodland burial’ site a few myles from my home, but to be honest its just a graveyard with more trees and pine needles. Although I can see the attraction of being buried there – when I’m dead obviously.


    Its not easy being green on BBC2 recently covered this but also look at the association of natural burial grounds.

    Heather Bash

    Dont fancy rotting in the ground no matter how woodland the location. A West coast Scottish Mountain top or beach for me ( burnt first of course) It wont take long for the Gale Force S’ Westerlies to do their work…

    Really loathe this trend towards memorials and shrines in the countryside / wild land. Some asshole has planted a Leylandii of all things on open hillside near my house – wtf? Same with that white bike idea someone came up with a while bike – get grip.


    AS for the cremations – all my family have gone / will go to the medical school for dissection – so you never have a cremation. the Uni collect the body and 2 yrs later you get a pot of ashes to scatter – it makes doing some sort of remembrance ceremony and the scattering of the ashes later more needed.


    Scattered my grandfathers ashes off the top of Pen Y Fan, he loved it up there, didn’t think to ask for permission TBH.

    It was years ago when that David Ike character had his religious transformation and a couple of his followers were meditating on a ledge below the summit…full on white gloves and purple shellsuits job…we tossed him over the side and basically covered them!

    He would have peed himself laughing…most of us did! best way to go I reckon, stunning scenery with your family in fits of laughter!

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