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  • Premier Icon manvstarmac

    My mum does woodcarving as a hobby. She wants some Kevlar gloves for Christmas, but when I googled some options, she couldn’t tell from photos which ones she was after.

    Are there any woodcarvers who can tell me what features I’m looking for and which I should avoid, or don’t need.


    Premier Icon geck0

    I got a pair similar to these. Not Kevlar, I know.

    Level 5 cut resistant gloves

    These are a ‘knitted’ fabric and I found that the fibres stuck in and on the wood which didn’t allow smooth handling of the piece.
    Switched to a pair of leather gloves and improved my technique so I keep my fingers out of the way of the blade.

    Premier Icon sheck

    The only bad injury I’ve had carving was wearing Kevlar gloves… not sure if it was purely an accident that would have happened anyway or a more relaxed attitude on my part, but hand slipped and the point of the knife went through glove and into and through my hand between thumb and index finger. Luckily it was clean and slid straight through without hitting anything

    Premier Icon maccruiskeen

    through my hand between thumb and index finger.

    according to cannibals that’s the tastiest part

    weirdly my phone autocompletes ‘cannibal’ to ’cannibal restaurant’

    im pretty sure you can get Kevlar gloves that are rubber dipped which would work better with rough wood. Sizing will be important though otherwise you’re just swapping one mishap for another

    infact Highland industrial supplies sell them- I remember the guy at the checkout demonstrating by sawing confidently away at the back of his own hand with a Swiss Army knife when I bought some  a while back

    Premier Icon manvstarmac

    Thanks for people’s thoughts

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