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    How thick are they to start with? You could hire a planer/thickneser and then sand them down. If you want to add in the routing out of the tongue and groove you may actually be better off just buying good quality pre-finished oak and save the expense of all the work and still having to finish them off. What sort of area are you trying to cover, but the way? I have a small kitchen’s worth of tongue and groove looking for a good home.


    It’s been a while since i got some wood machined, but you’ve got Sydenhams just down the road and Im sure if you give them your cut list and existing dim’s they’ll be able to help. Alternatively, Travis Perkins in Petersfield used to do machining. English Woodlands in Cocking or Goodwillies in Waterlooville. Sorry I can’t help with cost per metre or pass.

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    I have some quality oak boards offered to me at a very good price. What are typical machining costs to saw to thickness and width +, planing at least face and tongue and groove for floor boards? Anyone got a rough Idea?
    The boards will end up at 18mm. thick
    I am based in the Winchester, Southampton ,Portsmouth area. Meonstoke actually.

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    Boards are between 25 and 40mm as i remembered them, but are Lathams top quality timber.
    Dining room area:14.5 m2
    Hall:5.5 m2
    Sitting Room 24 m2
    Sitting room can wait if neccesary.
    Manton contact me via email please re. t&g

    Thanks for that Slackalice

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    not much help i know but if you have any left and you are looking for a home give me a shout. 😉

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