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  • Woo Hoo! On holiday for a week!
  • Holiday!!!

    I have plans for you sir 😉

    Enjoy the beer!!


    Thoroughly enjoying day 5 of 16. Complete wind down. That’s so far included travelling over early friday for a nice early start, a 7 mile hike geocaching with the kids, forest of dean riding, the maize mazes and Cheltenham lido today! I feel bolloxed already and we hit the Cornish surf on Saturday 😯

    I haven’t had a holiday since the Royal Wedding weekend when I took a week off to arrange my brothers funural. My late summer holiday was fubar’d by snapping my foot off and 3 months waiting to see if they amputate. Yeah, last year sucked and the weather was crap too.

    Now we have had wonderful weather for the summer, I have kept my foot, MrsWCA still loves me despite having to nursemaid me for 6 months waiting for me to be able to walk.

    I have just had a really good day at work and am on leave until next Thursday. Full on Rest and Recuperation I think. Just cracking the second beer after getting home at 7:30

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    I have a MONTH off starting in about #consults watch# 2 hours. Woo hoo, man flu or no man flu I will be on a plane this afternoon to the homeland.

    Rest and Relaxation plan for day one
    – Drink coffee
    – Clean Bikes
    – Collect car from the garage
    – Pick up beer stillage
    – Set up beer festival tent
    – Get cooler jackets plumbed in and running
    – Chill out ride or maybe just sitting around


    Got next week off and the weather had better last!

    Sorry – I can only guarantee the weather until the end of the weekend, after that is is back in the hands of the gods. 😉


    My last day at work for a week too.
    I used up a week of holiday moving house and to be frank, I’ve worked flat out every day either at work or on the new house for about a month now so a rest is in order.
    Plenty of cycling planned for my next seven days plus there may be a modicum of beer involved too.

    Ooh – I missed beer of my To Do list, thanks for the reminder

    Rest and Relaxation plan for day one
    – Drink coffee Tick
    – Clean Bikes To nice weather
    – Collect car from the garage tick
    – Pick up beer stillage tick see photo
    – Set up beer festival tent tick see photo
    – Get cooler jackets plumbed in and running Move to tomorrow when Rob the Beer is there
    – Chill out ride or maybe just sitting around In progress

    We are going to need a bigger stillage
    Last count was 24 casks of ale , plus cidre and Larger.
    I have some wooden single racks at work , might be able to bolt 2 together to make a gash double stillage. Sounds just the job for Mr De Walt and 2 x 4 construction ltd

    We have the stillage from last year – about 8-12 barrels worth of space. We have 4 extra tilting racks for them to stand on and four extra cooling jackets.

    That should cover the beer. Cider and lager are being kept cold in a separate chilling unit and transferred to an ice and water bench ready for serving.

    I have a spanner, grips, socket set and axe in the shiny truck of dreams. If you are there before me tomorrow try and get the blue stilage sorted out first. I will help set up the black stuff once I have collected the stage

    Today my r&r will be

    0 drink coffee
    1 pick up the stage from Christchurch ( not the New Zealand one)
    2 build the stage
    3 build more beer stillage
    4 plumb in the cooling system
    5 start racking the beers so they have time to settle
    6 check all admin is ready and possibly per group the wrist bands
    7 load the truck for tomorrow
    8 met the Thrusday night slow ride for a beer in the garage
    9 chill

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    Not sure if I will ride this eve for tooth removal related reasons but I am popping up regardless to pick up Ethan’s bike for Bbb. If I don’t ride I’ll help you load the truck.x

    1 – 6 All done

    Chilling with a beer in a cld bath waiting for the swelling in the ankle to recede before starting on 7 – 9
    Naproxin and IPA here I come

    Today the R&R really begins

    1) Coffee
    2) Load what I can into my tarty car
    3) Go the AT and check the course, admin, meet, greet and arrange stall holders
    4) Help wife and family unload the truck when they arrive
    5) Check the stage PA set up and sound checked
    6) Get the arena set up
    7) Pre-load a couple hundred water bombs for my water cross bow
    8) Check the 24 barrels or beer are all nicelty settled and bright
    9) Hic
    10) Meet and greet all my friends at the Big Bike Bash
    11) Unleash CHAOS!!!

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