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  • Women’s Waterproof Shorts
  • Yak
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    Now, I know it’s lush out now and trails are buff, but most of this winter has been a bit of a wet gritty grind. Mrs Yak has decided a waterproof pair of shorts would help avoid the gritty bum issue. We have checked the stw waterproof short grouptest, but the summary was that the women’s ones were poor.

    So then, who’s got what? Anything to recommend? Or just put up with some badly fitting mens shorts?

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    I was always happy with ladies Gore Alp-X.

    Edit: these always worked for me and became well-used.  A minimalist style and the fabric did withstand some offs.  Very expensive but did the job.

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    Can depend a bit on the thighs. My Lady had a pair of the Madison ones, but they rubbed through on the sides of the saddle after 3 rides. Lifetime guarantee though, so got the money back.

    If its just for odd rides or getting caught out, theres a lot to be said for the old army surplus cutoffs. My missus wouldn’t go out if it was already peeing down anyway, so fashions not much of an issue!

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    Cheers both. Yeah we’d seen that stwhannah had also had the madison shorts fail, so we’ll avoid them. Mrs Yak doesn’t mind long rides in the rain, so we’ll see if the alp x is on sale in her size somewhere.

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    Endura’s MT500 in ladies’ format seem to be just the job.  Got a pair for er indoors and seems happy with them.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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