Womens MTB Trousers

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  • Womens MTB Trousers
  • erictwinge

    can anyone recommend some ladies mtb pants for mrs Twinge xmas present.

    She is very new to riding and very fair weather, so no super technical fabrics required, just need to be decent quality and a good fit.

    i have some of the nukeproof blackline pants which are great, but they were about as expensive as i was prepared to go even for myself, so i guess <£80ish. unfortunately no sizes left in those…

    Premier Icon chakaping

    I’ve been using some Regatta softshell walking trews and they have been spot-on. Feel better on the bike than some of my MTB shorts TBH.

    Women’s ones are likely to be even cheaper than the £25 I paid for mine.

    Note that pads slip over the top rather than underneath, if she wears them.

    I would second the above (but keeping an eye on this thread as it would be nice to find some good fitting women’s mob trousers)

    I don’t (generally) wear pads, and wanted something that I would be happy to walk around in (cafe stops, riding to shops etc), I don’t really do ‘gnarr’ so wanted trousers for general mtb duties plus some back road riding / gentle touring.

    Soft shell walking trousers have been great. Fit well, plenty of stretch, close fitting for the road bike, dry quickly. Mine are mammut. Have alternated two pairs over the last 5 years. They are wearing thin on the bum now, but would replace with similar I think.

    Premier Icon Rubber_Buccaneer

    I like my stretchy hiking trousers from Decathlon.  I don’t know whether the women’s versions are as good but they are well worth a look for something budget conscious if you have a local branch.


    I like the Endura Humvee, they’re practical and don’t get waterlogged but you do need shorts or leggings on underneath as the seems are rough. They’re mtb specific and have a huge arse for a chamois pad so look a bit odd off the bike, hiking or soft shell over trousers with an *ankle fastening are also useful for other activities.

    A hair bobble or a home made strap work just as well

    Premier Icon Esme

    Another fan of stretchy hiking trousers here, although I find the men’s versions usually fit better. They’re cut with a higher waist, which avoids the dreaded “builder’s cleavage” whilst on the bike.

    Obviously, it’s difficult to find small sizes, but MTB pants are meant to be baggy, right?

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