Womens MTB for under £300

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  • Womens MTB for under £300
  • whyteskye

    Hi all

    My wife is looking purchase a new MTB with a budget of £300. I know it’s a small budget but she only rides on the odd occasion with the family in the summer.

    Could you recommend the best bike suitable for simple riding such as down the canal and trail centre blue routes? So far the Carrera Vengeance from Halfords would be her top choice

    Many thanks!


    Go with that then, if she’s chosen it she may be more likely to ride it that something you’ve chosen (or been recommended) because it’s ‘better’.


    When I collected the wife’s Voodoo Maji a few weeks ago, I had a look at the voodoo Soukri and kind of wished I had got that. Very similar bikes and although the wife insisted she wouldn’t like a mountain bike, she loves it. I also stuck on a cheapish pair of riser bars, which made it even more to her liking. The list price at Halfords for the Soukri is about £450, but they had a trade in offer (old bike helmet 20% off) and BTC discount, which should bring it down… gorgeous colour too.

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    If you are near Rutland cycles maybe an ex hire bike. A mate says they were really helpful with his wife swapping stems and stuff to get a good fit


    Spend £20 and make https://www.halfords.com/cycling/bikes/hybrid-bikes/voodoo-marasa-womens-hybrid-bike-16-18-frames a contender (or you might get very lucky and get it for £288 with BC discount).

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