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  • nickhead

    Other half is looking for a set of knee / shin pads as she progresses to slightly more grippy (and therefore potentially scarring) flat pedals

    Had a look at a few Race Face ones in the Llandegla shop, but she’d prefer some that weren’t quite so bulky

    Any suggestions?


    I’ve got 661 Kyle straits which are really good, but still manage to whack my lower shin into the pedals which take some nice divots of flesh out but have heard a horror story of a shin pad whacking a rock, flying up and knocking someones knee off… so decided I’d rather the suspect scars

    If she fancies something less bulky the new 661 evos are good- they have a gel in it that acts like custard (solid on impact but liquid when cycling so not impinging on movement).

    Most of the divots I get are from being a plonker and starting cycling with it in too low a gear and the other pedal flying round and since realising this I’ve had far fewer. Moving onto clipless soon so should reduce the scarring!

    I use Dainese knee and shin guards. They have a hard shell and maybe don’t look lightwieght, but they have mesh backing and fit really well, so in practice they feel cooler and more comfy than softer pads… well for me they do anyway!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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