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  • Women specific saddle for big ladybits recommendations.
  • flapjackie

    OK,,here goes.I am looking for some advice regarding women specific saddles but can’t ask for it without being totally blunt about my problem.
    The issue I have is my sizeable lady bits ie.I’m quite large in the flappage department.
    I’m not saying my bits are huge like you could tie them round your chin or anything but after riding,I’m left quite sore as my lanny fips are being rubbed constantly..Going for a pee after riding is also an uncomfortable,stingy affair.
    Is there a saddle designed to let my undercarriage hang down whilst supporting the sides rather than being squished like a slug under a size 10 boot
    Thanks in advance for any answers ladies

    Erm, great first post…..

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    Blimey. 😯

    Erm, this works for me but I’ve never considered how I measure up!


    It’s leather so gives, it’s minimalist and there is a little bit of flex. Think these may be discontinued as there’s not many around.

    Look at the Selle Italia range anyway, they should help.


    Mrs Ambrose is asking- is this for real?

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    I would also recommend going for a pee when you need one and not getting dehydrated.

    Premier Icon somouk

    Nice first post…

    You probably need to look for one that will have a large cut out in the middle similar to the male version to reduce pressure.


    No,,this is a serious post,,
    The Selle Italia ones look good,expensive though.
    The ADAMO one looks like the sort of thing I’m after although it looks very odd.
    Just checked out the Selle Italia link,,will look into that more,,thanks to the people who don’t think I’m taking the………


    Go to Specialized concept store, they have a ass measuring thingy device and then will show a selection of good saddles that would do the job.

    Might want to consider clothing, might not be helping. Also maybe go to local bike shop and ask them to check your saddle set-up.


    Thanks for the serious answers people,as for the others,well I was kind of expecting it 😐 I like the dogs ears post 😆
    As for the people wanting pics,,sorry, but you won’t be seeing the fanny side.

    hi jackie, I tend to do very long rides and although I cant say I have exactly the same problem – I have found the best way to avoid getting rubbed up the wrong way is to wear underwear under my shorts. I have found the best thing are thin cotton thongs with smooth elastic edges.

    and decent shorts – but although they are supposed to be worn without knickers I really dont find that comfy – prefering my delicate bits covered with natural fibers too – not synthetic chamois

    Muttley’s lass says the thong under padded lycra shorts is the way to go…

    she also thinks as do I that this is a possibly a mickey take.

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    In case of any future confusion, I think I might change my username……

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    If you go with the chamois cream suggestion avoid the Assoss stuff, the minty menthol stuff will not help. Use Chamois butter or the udder stuff and slather it on.


    Try going to a Specialized dealer and getting measured on their seat thingy. The GF liked her Spesh saddle, but is now 100% coverted to the Bontrager Affinity 2 women’s saddle. She swears it’s the most comfortable thing she’s ever sat on.

    Tom KP

    Chapeau do some nice Chamois cream, or Assos is good. Many have antibacterial properties as well.

    And invest in decent Padded liners. Spesh (again) do a good range, as do DHB. There are other good brands but some are really expensive

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    I use a selle smp on my road bike – very big gap down the middle

    That’s for my extra-large manbits though, so may not suit you (very expensive an all)

    On a serious note control is the answer spend money on a really decent set of padded shorts, try the Endura range.


    Good quality padded shorts and chamois cream used properly will help immensely

    Mrs NBT loves her specialized saddles with cut outs -she has the Windie XC on her bikes. I *think* specialized dealers may be able to get test saddles in for you to try? I know you can do that for WTB saddles (I love my Rockets, I have three) but I don’t know what the WTB women’s range is like.

    Flapjackie – you are one brave lassie posting this on a male dominated forum, well done. Guys, it is fact of life that the female body undergoes changes once we reach a certain age and we have to make adaptations.

    Having had similar discomfort “down there” I sympathise with you Flapjackie. To achieve maximum comfort I have changed to a lay back seat post and shorted my stem. All my saddles have been changed to Selle Italia which offer firm support with a bit of flex.

    It is very important that the saddle is completely horizontal and using a spirit level is great for this. I suggest you position the saddle so that you are sat on your sit bones. Bedding in the sit bones is painful and will take about three 2 hour rides with a 48 hour break in between each ride for the pain on the sit bones to go away. Sitting on sit bones takes away any pressure that you are currently experiencing on your flappy bits!

    Achieving comfort down there is very personal and yes, selle italia saddles are expensive. I’ve bought mine from ebay second hand and have found some excellent bargains if you are prepared to wait for them to come along. It is money well spent and worth the extra cost.

    ps: love the way you posted this thread after the 10pm water shed last night.

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    mrs ton uses a saddle with a big hole in it.
    selle trans am or something similar?


    the GF has a Selle Italia Diva.

    when we got her bike and after measuring her arse cheeks (on a proper arse cheek measuring device, not with my ruler) i went out and bought 6 different lady saddles. brought them all home, carefully removed the packaging and made her ride around the block for ten minutes on each.

    she came back saying that the SI Diva was the comfiest. shame as it was also the most expensive a 60€.


    for big ladybits


    My selle Italia mini catalogue is open at the SuperFlow 145 page.
    May be worth a look.

    *Pity about the thread title*


    Blimey!!! Erm

    Get some decent Lycra shorts with a pad, and I found the no knickers thing was a bit weird at first, but it’s more comfy for me, but I know others that wear g strings, as long as there’s no bunching up!

    Never tried cream, saddle is a cannondale raven but that’s personal I guess. Try raising your handle bars and try not to be too stretched out. On her road bike my gf gets a bit sore, but her off road bike she’s more upright.


    Selle Italia SuperFlow 145. I may purchase one myself.
    However, neither I nor Mrs Solo have, umm, big ladybits

    A former Mrs MTG had a similar problem. I’m fairly sure she found a Specialized saddle best, although I can’t remember which model.
    I know I could ask her, but there’s a bit of difference between getting in touch with someone you haven’t seen for a while to ask “Which grips did you find best for your Carpal Tunnel ?” and “Which saddle did you find best for, well, you know…?”

    Anyway, as a bit of a sidetrack, I can sympathise with the problem.
    I’m currently waiting for a scan to confirm I’ve got Hydrocele testis.
    It’s making riding a bike a bit uncomfortable at the moment.


    Thanks everyone,if some posts are being removed so not to offend me then I wouldn’t bother,,I’m very thick skinned.
    As for my first post,I tried to add a bit of humour to it,,I could have worded it in a more subtle way but would have probably still had the same response ie.pictures of kebebs and Spaniels ears etc.,I have a blokey sense of humour so am not offended in any way.
    There are some ideal looking saddles there,,the Selle Italia Superflow looks ideal and the advice on shorts,creams etc has given me plenty of material to research.
    Thanks everyone

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    Mrs_oab has lady specific saddle with cut-out as well (WTB one), and as above being fussy with position and tilt of saddle has helped comfort. (I refrain from any comments on mrs_oab’s bits.)

    I also think that shorts can make a huge difference – I have some Coolmax polaris shorts and they are sweaty, rubby things that I barely use anymore, as better Nike and Endura ones are simply less sweaty and rubby. Not sure if this applies to ladies, just my experience.

    Brave OP, what about asking on the ladies forum of Pinkbike?


    I have one of those weird looking ‘split’ Adamo saddles for this, for the road. Interestingly, on the MTB I don’t have a problem, different, more upright position, so a Fizik Gobi is very comfy for me, done endurance races on it, i.e. 12 hours even 24 hours of almost constant riding and no issues.

    I recommend the Adamo saddle though. They may be expensive, but they do do a good job at keeping your ‘bits’ from getting damaged :)Also, they will let you have a loan saddle for a couple of weeks as well, if you don’t get on with it, you send it back. All it costs you is the postage of sending it back!


    Brave OP, what about asking on the ladies forum of Pinkbike?

    Yes,on reflection I might have been better going on another(more female orientated)forum with the same question.However,I believe my questions have been answered sufficiently.
    As I’m not a huge forum user,I had to google troll,trolling to find out what people were meaning.
    Think what you like,this is a genuine post no matter how crude it may have sounded.
    Some sound advice on here folks,,I’ve got enough now so maybe we can put this to bed.

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