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    You can follow the canal along to Tunnel Hill and Deepcut where there’s some pretty good trails but they can be a little difficult to find if you don’t know the area.

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    Working just north of and staying in Woking next week. Is it worth chucking the bike in? Any simple to follow route ideas without having to drive.

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    Swinley is pretty close and you could ride to it (easier on road) and at least that is way marked and easy to follow. Potential other option is to use the train to get down to the Surrey Hills, but again route finding is less ‘follow the arrows’.

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    Swinley, any of the MoD lands like Tunnel Hikl (though not easy to find the trails) and then there’s Surrey Hills which is a huge area and has the best stuff really. The latter, if you head for Peaslake and ask around or just follow people you’ll find a fair bit. There’s more over in Leith hill, and even over on the north downs, though harder to find the good stuff.

    Swinley is marked trails and well groomed, if a but cobbly on the hard pack, and there’s not much elevation.

    There’s loads of xc all about and little spots on the many common lands surrounding Woking.

    There’s even a signposted MTB trail going out of the town, although I’ve yet to find what it is, other than a walking trail, unless they mean that. It’s about 10 minutes of non fun. Still, nice to see the council making an effort. There’s a lot of cycle route signs about the town and along the canal. There’s also the Wey canal which runs down to Guildford or all the way up to the Thames.


    Without driving from Woking you can make a mediocre xc loop going from Horsley common up past fairoaks airport and on to chobham common and then a little road through sunningdale and through a little of the golf course back to windlesham and Cobham common and then back to the other side of fairoaks airport and back into horsell common.

    Horsel common isn’t very big so that isn’t much of an option, although an hours worth of loops on a cross bike can be fun if you push your speed.

    If you can find George Budd on stava he does some long loops down towards Surrey hills from around the Woking area.

    The tunnel hill trolls have some regular rides, it might be worth trying to join one. It is maybe 8 miles or so down the canal path (which is surfaced for some of it) to get to tunnel hill and a little further to get to the canal centre/potters bar where they often meet.

    Swinley might be rideable to depending on how far north you are staying.

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    The Tunnel Hill Trolls are out on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday night.

    Bring your bike and come along for a spin.

    Mondays is gentle, take your guide from that. Couple of hours bring a light just in case.

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    Cheers Guys. Thanks for the replies and invites!! I’ll chuck the bike in see how it goes. Hopefully be able to squeeze a bit in.

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