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  • Wobbly SKS Bluemels
  • submarined

    I’ve got a set of these on my charge Plug. Rear is solid as a rock, but the front wobbles all over the shop.

    Anyone else suffer this, and is there a decent solution? I’m thinking of filling the attachment brackets (fork end) with epoxy as I think the ‘float’ in them is what allows the movement.



    yes it’s the safety breakaway fixing on the front being crap IME – it allows too much play. I had some clips and stays from some SKS chromoplastics which are much more solid connection but still with the release feature – not sure if you can get them separately though. If you fill the clip so that it won’t release then you might regret it. I thought they were superfluous until a stone got jammed in the front and the guard crumpled up to the fork – messy but saved an OTB.

    edit – these:

    + some regular stays. If you can’t find some then I might have a used pair I can send you.. somewhere

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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