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  • WNT Urgent old commuter (nr-Manchester/Shefield)
  • Right guys, hopefully someone will be able to help out.

    Good mate of mine is doing his NQT year teaching in Manchester and has just had his bike nicked.

    He needs a daily commuter, does about 120miles a week

    Needs something old and reliable but most importantly been a teacher CHEAP !

    Post up here or drop me an email if you know of anything coming up !

    (Beer money bits might be needed too if we cant find a full bike)

    Cheers Simon

    Premier Icon ton

    tons of bits here…..give me a shout if you need owt.


    19″ kona cindercone frame and forks, 1997 I think, with drop bars, 1.3″ slick tyres, full mudguards etc. Just needs a front canti brake and hanger and either gears or a singulator type device, might even be able to help with some of those.

    Used as my mtb for 8 years before this incarnation as a bad weather commuter, but I’ve bought a kaffenback so don’t need it anymore.

    £60 if you could pick it up from sheffield, plus postage otherwise. If you didn’t want drops, There is also a set of titec risers in a spare stem with a right-hand 8 speed sti shifter/brake lever and a left hand brake lever knocking about to go with it. Would then just need cables.


    I’ve got my old Pegeuot Hybrid 700c bike, all fully working, will never get nicked! Full mud gaurds decent tyres. Just need new pads. £75 It#s quite big though I’m 6’1″
    Leicester direction

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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