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  • With what should I replace my Laguna??
  • landofgiants

    Mondeos are good cars. Depends on what you want to spend. I’ve had mondeos as company cars for the last 8 years and they’re great. Reliable, good on fuel, comfortable. Nice cars and you can get them quite cheap.

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    I’d get another second hand Laguna, cheap as bloody chips compared to most of the other marques and they all run the same basic electronics what ever anyone says.

    We ran older 1998-99 Lagunas and loved them, now Mrs Pepper has bought an 09 plate sports tourer for £6k full service history and only 40,000 miles. It’s a nice car and will do us for years.


    I currently own a T Reg (1999?) Renault Laguna 1.8 16v, which I have had for the last 8 years. It has over 100k miles on the clock and has, by and large, been very reliable. I get about 36.5 mpg out of it and it hasn’t cost a great deal to run.

    I am thinking it might be about time to replace it, but I have no idea what would be suitable. I drive about 15 miles each way to work each day, do some longer trips on motorway/dual carriageway to friends dotted around the south-east as well as trips to Wales for cycling or visiting relatives. I also need a car that’s big enough to transport my bikes and my drum kit (but not at the same time!).

    I also can’t decide whether to buy another second hand car or do leasing for a new one. My initial thoughts, on both counts, have been a Mazda 3, a Hyundai i30, Audi A3, Seat Leon, new Megane or even another Laguna (although some of the posts on here seem to suggest that the lastest ones are pretty rubbish).

    TBH I know very little about cars, so any thoughts/advice would be gratefully received.


    My second hand car default option is the Focus.I have a 57 plate one.Handle and steer beautifully,cheap to run,reliable,decent sized boot and plenty of interior space. More importantly they are plentiful and cheap second hand so there`s no reason not to find a good one. Autocar agree too.They made it their used car of the year. 😉

    Mazda 3 is good but has Focus mechanicals anyway, the A3 expensive for what it is and doesnt drive any better,I30 OK , handles OK ,doesnt handle as well as the Focus but I thought the interior was nasty.
    You must have been lucky with your Renault, personally I wouldn`t touch one!

    Mondeo is good, but huge, would you really need the space.

    My motoring is simiar to yours, I transport my 3 kids in mine, take it camping and regiularly load 2 bikes into the boot with the seats down.

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