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  • Wisdom teeth out tomorrow – a bit worried
  • Pieface

    I didn't really ask, but they didn't offer either.


    I had a choice – two at a time at the dentist on local or all four in the hospital on general. No brainer for me

    First consultant I saw wanted to knock me out for it, so went to see another instead who agreed there was no point having the risk of a general if not required. I think they're more gentle when you're awake 🙂

    Excelent! Well done.
    Now just chill…. I found it was a wonderful feeling after sorting out my recent molar. Nothing to worry about, nothing omninous 'looming on the horizon…'
    Well plaid that man


    Went to the dentist yesterday and he said that Id probably want my upper left wisdom tooth out at some point. Bit worried but theres no way I'd get a general anaesthetic for it. Too risky.


    Pieface – glad you survived and everything went well. 🙂


    Its definitely the apprehension thats the worst, then the advice to avoid hot food, drinks and alcohol for 24 hrs.

    Tried eating some grapes earlier, despite no pain i didn't want to chew anything as I wanted to keep the clots intact.

    I've eaten too much soup and yoghurt today. Looking forward to mushy weetabix tomorrow. Not looking forward to brushing my teeth.

    I know what you mean. I couldn't face brushing my teeth for a few days just in case I accidentally brushed the healing gum. Then only minced around it. i think it was a week before i brushed properly.
    You'll feel better tomorrow after some food and getting back into a normal routine. Also don't forget – you're pretty drained now after all that apprehension and adrenaline rush of the event.
    Just relax, you'll be fine!

Viewing 7 posts - 46 through 52 (of 52 total)

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