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  • Pieface

    I guess a dose of MTFU is in order, but I'm not looking forward to not being able to eat properly for a few days.

    I'm having 2 done – one on each side on the upper jaw. The consultant said it was a 5 minute job..

    Any words of advice / encouragement?

    Mr Woppit

    Gas & air…


    I had the bottom one done 2 years ago………..no problem, not too much pain….like most things, the night before and anticipation is worse than the event…

    BUT the infection that I had afterwards, caused by decaying food…..was the worse pain I have ever had with teeth! 🙁


    i had all 4 at once and was in quite a bit of pain!!

    the dr said they nearly had to break my jaw to get them out!!


    I've had both my upper wisdom teeth out and it really was no worse than having any other tooth out. Just make sure you keep it clean afterwards, as per mountys warning.
    I think the anticipation is nearly always far, far worse than the experience. Hope all goes well – I'm sure it will.

    The ones in the bottom jaw are fine, it is the upper jaw that is a nightmare so you will be fine.


    Make sure they give you antibiotics – when I had mine done, the recommended dose was either a large amount before the extraction or a 3 day course afterwards. 2 of my colleagues had theirs out at about the same time as me, didn't get antibiotics and both got infections. I was given the 3 day course and was fine.
    The only other thing I would say is that the (female) doctor and nurse who did mine were very scathing about the patients they'd had in before me that day – I was apparently the first one that day not to pass out. The others were men…


    I had all 4 out in one go 😀 No problems what so ever. Make sure you have some pain killers handy 😕 I heard all sorts of rumours of swollen faces, bruised cheeks etc. I had no effects at all.
    I remember being worried the night before but looking back there was no need. Easier said then done i know. You'll be fine 😆

    Nah, ti's fine. I had all four done at once. Other than aching ribs for a bit where the surgeon used my chest to lean on, it was fine. Eating solids in a few days.



    you where lucky, i looked like i had gone 10 rounds with tyson!!

    ill try and dig out pics!


    I'll be with you in spirit, i'm having a tooth out tomorrow morning too, close enough to the front to be seen, not looking forward to it.

    I've been told I can have an implant to replace it, £1000!!!!!

    It all depends on the circumstances. If they are easy extractions then you have nothing to worry about with two. If, as I had, you have two impacted teeth (or is it compacted) and they are both upper teeth, then it can hurt a bit. I had two nights in hospital and a week off work. I remember watching Jacob's Ladder the night I got home and being very, VERY freaked out as I was still very high from all the strong drugs I was on.

    Took about three weeks before I could open my mouth wide enough to eat anything other than soup.

    Just read it IS your upper jaw – You are SO FCKED

    Premier Icon gazman

    actually you should be ok if you are have the general anasthetic it make

    ve been on a session. but its your top teeth, the bottom ones are worse because your main nerve runs along your bottom jaw which makes bottom more difficult with more potential complications,
    good luck



    Its very circumstantial, angles of tooth, placement in jaw etc.

    I had mine looked at last time, one of my teeth is Horizontal 😕


    I had all four of mine out under local anaesthetic but at the hospital, no problems, minimal pain, no swelling, ate solid food later that day, the only horrible bit was the sounds. Repeated infections had eroded my jaw bone though so maybe they were easy to get out! Got to keep my teeth too 🙂


    Had two wisdom teeth out, walked out the place, drove straight to my local then spat the cotton wool thingies in the bog and had a Guinness.


    dont talk to me about wisdom teeth, when i was 17 i had 3 out in one go and i was a mess for a week, couldnt face the dentist until 18 years later when the wife made me go, thankfully all i needed was a scale and polish.

    i remember paying at the recpetion after the work had been done and blood running down my mouth then driving home and mum screaming when i got to the door. next morning when i lookind in the mirror you couldnt see either of my ears as the swelling was that bad

    the dentist was a right pikey mind and apparenlty 'back then' you should not have had more than 2 taken out in one sitting, i can still remember him with his knee on my chest pulling at the top right one….

    the cracking sound is the worst along with the injection….

    you did ask 😉

    Premier Icon CHB

    Read the above with interest. I need to get my bottom two teeth removed and am waiting for a date from Leeds Dental institute.
    Reckon if I slip em £50 they will give me a Cowell/Hammond teeth job while I am there?


    Had my bottom 2 done exactly a year ago. One crumbled and took nearly an hour to get out.

    The only pain worth mentioning was the toothache days before trying to eat. The dentist was sweating more than I was. I just remember how unsettling it was with him frowning and applying so much force but me not really feeling that much myself other than my jaw being tugged around. It's the fear of pain that might come that does your head in.

    Can't remember any after effects, drove home, work next day.


    Had a rear upper out about 3 years ago – brilliant job. Never felt a thing. The Dentist told me to eat a hearty breakfast, and phoned up to remind me. Did as told, got wife to drive me ( it's about 45mins away along M5 ). Did the buisiness and that was that. Took the day off, and the next day ( cos work was about to bin me ) and I was fine.
    About 6 weeks ago had to have a top large molar out. New dentist, hadn't built up a relationship yet so a bit unsure. She sorted it even quicker!!!!
    The apprehension is worse than the actual event.
    Get someone to drive you if possible.
    Take day off work ill, and maybe the next day.
    You will be fine, honest!
    best of luck

    Premier Icon xherbivorex

    yep, i'm just waiting for the date for surgery to get both my bottom ones out. they're horizontal and pushing on the teeth in front of them. gotta have a general anaesthetic for mine; the consultant told me it shouldn't take long but i'll probably look like desperate dan for a week afterwards (he told me what he needs to do; it doesn't sound like much fun and involves bone removal!)…


    I've got a horizontal one pushing on a good tooth, have been told by the dentist that I can 'choose' whether to have it out and when.

    When I'm brave enough… 😯

    There's a con on our wing who had one out today. He was playing pool on tonight's association.
    But there again, 'wisdom' & 'prisoner' shouldn't really go together should they.


    Had a top one out with little fuss. After a bit of wiggling, the dentist casually said, "Dont swallow it is on your tongue"

    The only reason I had the top one out was becasue it was cutting my bottom gum and causing loads of infections.

    …my mate has just had his top bottom on one side finally removed after the dentist broke one6 months ago and failed twice to get it all out. It was a hospital job for him resulting in having to spend 2 weeks looking like a hamster with a black neck. He is cheery enough though.

    good luck, dude!


    Had all mine out in one go under general anaesthetic, was no problem & had no pain – did get a big bumper pack of painkillers out of it though just incase which lasted ages afterwards!


    when i had 4 out in one go it was in the days when you got a night in hospital. But what did they bring me for breakfast? TOAST! F**cking TOAST i could hardly drink water and they thought i could chew TOAST……


    Had 4 out in one go (2up n' 2down). Was done in hospital from dental referral.

    Woke up fine-bit groggy, went home 3 hrs later, bought ice cream on way home and iced jaw and was a bit sore but you recover quick.

    MTFU-buy some ice packs and icecream and have someone take you home etc.

    You will be fine.

    Had the two top ones out a few years ago, was done at my dentist abut a week apart from each other, no problems at all. The first one I ate too soon afterwards and woke up in the morning with a really nice bloody/snotty mesh in my throar but apart from that it was fine. The second one I had a decent breakfast and left it till the next day before I ate anything at all (I think) much better results. The best thing was the noise as they were pulling it out, truly amazing.

    You'll be fine


    I was terrified of having a single premolar pulled the day before I flew to the States for a month long biking trip. It wasnt helped when I fainted after having a filling.

    The extraction itself wasnt that bad. The female dentist told me that when she was training, another student who was doing an extraction fainted!

    I honestly only felt some tugging and a bit of cracking (that spooked me). I didnt experience any follow on pain or discomfort.

    You'll be fine.


    i had all four done under a general last year. despite all the horror stories people were telling me it was fine. even got a doctors note for 2 weeks off work, got bored after 3 days though.

    i think generally, the horror stories are from people who have their dentist extract them whereas maxillofacial surgeons tend to be a bit better.


    Having heard all the stories down the years, there's no way I'd have mine out without being knocked out for the procedure. Yeah I know I need to mtfu but we're talking about extraction of badass teeth, just going to the hygienist is enough of an ordeal for me.


    Erm, good luck though, you'll be fine 😀

    there's no way I'd have mine out without being knocked out for the procedure.

    I had a choice – two at a time at the dentist on local or all four in the hospital on general. No brainer for me – got done in one go (never EVER been awake for an extraction and always do my best to avoid it).


    I had two of mine done last year, both of those were uppers.

    The cracking sound is the worst bit when they come out.

    No pain for me tbh, having a filling felt worse for me.


    CurlyGurl – Member
    I've got a horizontal one pushing on a good tooth, have been told by the dentist that I can 'choose' whether to have it out and when.

    When I'm brave enough…

    Get rid of it. Seriously!
    That's why I had both of mine out, they were both partially erupted and impacted (?). I was having bouts of SO much pain (from it pushing on the neighbouring tooth and also some weird nerve thing going on) before I had the first one out – the relief afterwards was immediate. I was in, anaesthetised, extracted and back to my car in 20 minutes feeling SO much better.
    So when the second one started giving the same symptoms I went to the dentist expecting a battle to get them to remove a healthy tooth. The dentist said unless I could give him a very good reason not to, he was going to take it out then and there. 🙂 He did – 15 minutes later I was back at work and nothing but a slight ache the next morning. Most gentle dentist ever. I was back on real food that evening.


    I've got a horizontal one pushing on a good tooth, have been told by the dentist that I can 'choose' whether to have it out and when.

    The last one of mine to come through did so at a slight angle – into the tooth nextdoor. Suffered the odd bout of uncomfortable pain, but it ended up correcting itself as it came through. Dentist said it would either do that or the angle would be such that it would continue to plough into the other tooth.


    mine were like this:

    the top ones looked ok, but surgeon thought it was best just to take them all out and be done with it…


    I got all 4 out in one go. Knocked out thought, far better!


    Both of them are impacted and growing out sideways but apparently quite small.

    I managed to make it through the snow to the hospital and wass greeted by 2 young and small student ladies who were to do the work, which added somewhat to my nerves, they must have been 20 at the most. Their tutor was the same person who'd seen me a month earlier which put me at ease.

    Anyway, the numbing up was the worst bit as they have to really squeeze the juice out of the syringe hard, i kept thinking 'one slip!' Once numb they stuck the pliers in. No pain but you can feel a pulling sensation which is a bit scary. Aftyer it came out i felt a little faint but didn't pass out. After chilling out for 20 minutes I said I'd go ahead with the second. They numbed me up again and got to work. It came out fine. Not much bleeding and the gums are clotting well (they said).

    She was chatting to her mate and sounded quite chuffed with herself at having done it – nice to have added a sense of achievement to someone else.

    At work now feeling fine, though have a slight taste of blood at the back of my mouth.

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