Wisdom teeth

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  • Wisdom teeth
  • scotroutes

    How old were you when yours came through?

    I’ve got one coming in now and I’m 61 in a few months!!

    Had mine out in my early 20’s.  My dentist at the time had looked at the X-rays and advised me that though they were stable and not moving, in my 60’s they might decide to make a painful appearance so advised me to get it done which I’m glad I did as it was very uncomfortable and not something I’d want to have done in my 60’s


    Had mine out at 21. It was pretty brutal. It I was asleep under a general. I’d already had four teeth out to make space for them but no joy. Not a big mouth.

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    Around 20ish give or take, still got them.


    All 4 of mine removed, plus two impacted molars. Work up with cucumber and salmon sarnies. Gotta love BUPA! Just watch the pain meds they give you. I got 200mg tramadol and they were… a little spacey!


    Some wisdom at last Scotroutes? 😉


    I don’t have any.

    Does that make me less wise or more evolved?


    40’s. had surgery at LGI to have em removed.

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    I’m 44 and not yet wise.

    Dentist keeps tell me there is no point filling the gaps from missing teeth as they’ll close up when my wisdom teeth come through. They’ve been saying that for about 15 years.

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    Bugger the teeth, I’m waiting for the wisdom…

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    Still got bottom two. Roots were wrapped around facial nerve so they didn’t want to remove. Bottom right one has snow on the top its that big. Had to have teeth around then my removed as they were pushing them which caused lots of pain.


    I had mine removed at about 24 IIRC – never had an issue with them then suddenly I got the most excruciating pain – so much so I was punching walls to focus pain away from them. I had all four removed at hospital (under a general anaesthetic) the following week. I recall watching Jacob’s Ladder the day after getting home – not the best film to watch when recovering from surgery and still taking industrial-strength painkillers.

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    hm, some came through when in my 30s and possibly early 40s.
    Local dentist in Edinburgh took them out, one was easy, the other less so. I think I still have a couple remaining. Don’t fancy them coming out TBH.

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